• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Dec. 14, 2019, 5:59 p.m.

Adding Microsoft Office to Your AccountEdge Hosted Cloud Desktop

If you would like to use OfficeLink to open reports in Excel, create mail merge letters or send email via Outlook from your cloud desktop using AccountEdge Pro, you can add an Office license to your cloud desktop accounts.

Alternatively, OpenOffice comes pre-installed with your cloud desktop. Although AccountEdge will not automatically open a report in Excel via Officelink with OpenOffice, you can save your reports to comma or tab delimited files and open them with OpenOffice.

The free Mozilla Thunderbird email client can also be used for sending email from AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktops. This application can be downloaded directly from the Mozilla Thunderbird site and easily installed.

Office 365 ProPlus can be added to your account for an additional charge per user. ProPlus comes with Outlook, OneDrive Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Teams. Your OneDrive account comes with 1TB of cloud storage.

Only Office 365 ProPlus or Office 365 Enterprise E3 or higher can be installed on a cloud server. If you already have one of these types of Office accounts/licenses, you can install this on your cloud desktop. If you would like to acquire a new license for Office 365 ProPlus, please contact us and we can add one to your AccountEdge Hosted account.

If you are adding Office after AccountEdge has been setup, you may need to take additional steps to register the OfficeLink drivers. These drivers are installed with AccountEdge but if Office is not installed prior to installation of AccountEdge, the OfficeLink drivers are not registered. Please see Registering your OfficeLink Driver for how to accomplish this and please contact support if you need assistance.