• Section: General
  • Last updated: June 6, 2019, 4:03 p.m.

Date Format

The Date Format used in AccountEdge, follows the date format you have set on your machine. For most users, the United States settings are the preferred settings.

Finding these Settings on a Mac

You can find (and change) the date format by:

  1. Go to the Apple at the upper left corner of the screen and choose "System Preferences"
  2. Click on Language & Region
  3. Click Advanced in the bottom right
  4. Click on the Dates tab
  5. If desired you can drag the different fields (for example, the 1 that indicates January) to set the desired ordering.
  6. Restart AccountEdge to implement the changes

Finding These Settings on Windows

First, we need to get to the control panel.

You can get to the Control Panel in Windows 8 & 10 by:

  1. Hitting the Windows key on your keyboard (you'll find this to the left of the space bar)
  2. Typing in Control Panel (this entire screen is a search - you can just start typing)

    You can get to the Control Panel in Windows 7 by:

    1. Clicking on Start at the bottom left
    2. Select Control Panel along the right

    You can then change the format by:

    1. Selecting Language
    2. Clicking on Change date, time, or number formats along the left side
    3. If you would like to change any the formatting click on the drop down menu and select the format desired
    4. Restart AccountEdge to implement the changes