• Section: General
  • Last updated: June 6, 2019, 5:02 p.m.

Single User Tasks

Only one user should have access to a company file during file maintenance procedures, such as backing up, Verifying, and optimizing the company file. For example, optimizing a company file rearranges its internal structure, so ensure that the file is not being accessed while this process is taking place. Other single-user tasks are part of standard bookkeeping practice. For example, when you print a report, you do not want anybody to change data that will appear in the report while it is being printed.

Single-user file locking prevents all but the first logged-in user from accessing a shared company file—other users cannot even log in. To enable single-user access after starting your AccountEdge, click Single-user access in the Sign-on window.

The tasks that require single-user file locking (single-user tasks) include:

  • backing up a company file
  • restoring a backup file
  • company file verification
  • purging data
  • exporting data
  • importing data
  • starting a new fiscal year
  • creating, changing, or deleting report batches
  • optimizing a company file
  • setting up, changing, or removing user accounts
  • starting a new payroll year
  • loading payroll tax tables
  • synchronizing cards and Outlook contacts
  • creating, changing, or removing payroll categories

If you believe you have exclusive use of a company file and are unable to perform these tasks, check here for possible causes.