• Section: Shopify (Web Store)
  • Last updated: June 25, 2019, 3:57 p.m.

Syncing Products with Shopify

When syncing items between AccountEdge Pro and Shopify, the following items are synced:

AccountEdge Pro items
The following items and item information will be synced from AccountEdge Pro to Shopify
Items marked as I Sell This Item (in Item Profile), and items marked as I sell this item on my web store (in Selling Details)
Web Store description (from Item Details > Web Store Description Type)
Web Store Price (from Selling Details > Web Store field)
Image (the main, full-sized image from Item Details)
Tags (from Item Details)
Weight (from Item Details)
Variations: AccountEdge Pro will export items with variations to Shopify products with variations
Shopify items
The following products and product information will be synced from Shopify to AccountEdge Pro
All items, regardless of Hidden or Visible
Description to Item Details > Web Store Description (there is a preference in AccountEdge Pro > Setup > Webstore Details > Selling that allows you to sync Shopify descriptions if you so choose. People who have long descriptions in Shopify should make sure that this preference is unchecked).
Price (to Web Store Price)
Image (up to 3 images to the 3 image fields in AccountEdge Pro)
Tags (to tags)
Weight (to weight, converted to grams)
Variations: AccountEdge Pro will import Shopify products with variations, and create them as such in AccountEdge Pro

Sync Process


Note: After the initial sync of products, changes made to products in Shopify (Title, Description, Price, Tags, Weight, Taxable and Images) will sync to AccountEdge Pro.

AccountEdge 2015 and Later: AccountEdge 2015 has the ability to sync inventory quantities between AccountEdge and Shopify. When syncing between AccountEdge and Shopify inventory quantities will automatically be updated between the two.

AccountEdge 2014: Quantity on hand will not sync from Shopify to AccountEdge. We recommend making all changes in AccountEdge Pro and syncing them to Shopify.

  1. Verify AccountEdge Pro items are marked as I sell (Item > Profile) and I sell in web store (Item > Selling Details)
  2. All Shopify products will be imported to AccountEdge Pro
  3. Item quantities are not transferred between AccountEdge Pro and Shopify. After syncing items, you'll need to update the item quantities.
  4. If you have an existing Shopify web store, and you're connecting it to AccountEdge Pro for the first time, you'll need to do some initial setup:
    1. In AccountEdge Pro, you'll need to create an Equity account (3-xxxx) to hold the initial value of your Shopify products. This is necessary only if the existing Shopify products were not purchased through AccountEdge Pro (see the Accounts FAQ for details)
    2. You'll need to know the cost of your Shopify products, that is, your purchase price of the products

Update AccountEdge Pro with Quantities

Sync Procedure:

  1. Press the Sync button to sync items between AccountEdge Pro an Shopify; this will sync your items between AccountEdge Pro and Shopify
  2. If your Shopify web store was already in existence, and you have products in the store, export your Shopify product list by clicking the Export button in the Shopify Products window; the product file will download to your Downloads folder
  3. Open the Products.csv file in either Microsoft® Excel or Apple Numbers; print this if possible
  4. Note the Variant Inventory Qty column
  5. In AccountEdge Pro, open the Count Inventory window (Command Centers > Inventory > Count Inventory)
  6. Check mark Include zero on-hand quantities
  7. For each of the Shopify product, enter the quantity in the Counted column
  8. When quantities have been entered for all Shopify products, click the Adjust Inventory button
  9. In the Adjustment Information - Default Expense Account window, enter the Equity account you created earlier
  10. Click Continue
  11. In the Adjust Inventory window, enter the value of each of your Shopify items in the Amount column
  12. Press the <TAB> key on your keyboard, and for each item, verify the quantity, amount, and account
  13. Press the Record button

Update Shopify with Quantities

After you sync items between AccountEdge Pro, you'll need to update the Shopify with quantity and other information:

  1. Display the Items Register Summary report (Reports > Index to Reports > Inventory > Items Register Summary)
  2. Open Shopify Products window
  3. Confirm in-stock quantities match AccountEdge quantities
  4. For newly-synced and items with non-matching quantities:
    1. Click on the item link in Shopify
    2. Click the Inventory & Variants Edit button
    3. If you are tracking inventory in Shopify, select Shopify tracks this variant's inventory
    4. Enter the quantity from the Items Register Summary report
    5. Click Save and Close
  5. Verify Shopify and AccountEdge Pro fields match

You are ready to sell products in Shopify, and process orders in AccountEdge Pro.