• Section: Troubleshooting
  • Last updated: May 30, 2019, 6:47 p.m.

Font Smoothing in AccountEdge Pro

Beginning with the 2013 release of AccountEdge Pro US, we updated how fonts are displayed onscreen, in the Customize Forms Designer. Text will now look cleaner and crisper than they did in prior versions.

Although this will also help those with Retina displays, we currently do not officially support Retina displays and they will still look slightly blurry.

Without getting too buried in the details, addressing this issue actually requires a sizable amount of work in how the app is displayed. We are constantly modernizing the app and have already embarked on a project that will deliver Retina screen support among other benefits.

Font Smoothing
If you have text that is using a small font type size of 8pt or below, depending on your system settings, that text may be hard to read and look jagged. This is due to a System Preference setting called Font Smoothing which can be found under General or Appearance (depending on your Mac OS version).

By setting Font Smoothing off for sizes 6pt and smaller, the 8pt text will be displayed properly. With Font Smoothing set at 8pt or smaller, you will notice the Bill To: and Ship To: fields in a Sales Invoice are difficult to read at 8pt (although they will print correctly). Setting Font Smoothing off for 6pt or smaller, you'll notice the Bill To: and Ship To: fields on a Sales Invoice are crisper and easier to read.