• Section: UPS Shipping Integration
  • Last updated: July 15, 2019, 11:37 a.m.

UPS Shipping FAQs

Can I use AccountEdge to Drop Ship to my customers’ customer?
Yes, in the AccountEdge sales window, select your customer. When you create a sale, you can select a shipping address from any card or enter a new address. Select or edit the Ship To address to be the shipment’s final destination. If you drop ship to this location often, we recommend setting them up as a customer or lead card so you can select this address when selling to your customer.

What is the difference between the “Copy to Sale” button vs. the “Update Sale when creating shipment” checkbox?
Copy to Sale will copy the the estimated total shipping to the Freight field on your sale. This is handy when you want to get a shipping estimate and save it to an order or an invoice, without Creating a Shipment. It is not available when creating a shipment from a Card. The Update Sale checkbox will update the sale automatically when the Create Shipment button is selected.

How many UPS accounts can I use in AccountEdge?
AccountEdge will support unlimited UPS accounts, with one being designated the default.

How many UPS profiles can I setup in AccountEdge?
AccountEdge will support unlimited UPS profiles, with one being designated the default.

Am I limited to US based UPS accounts?
No, you can use US or Canadian-based UPS accounts. AccountEdge is certified to support both countries of origin within the US version.

Yes and no. In order for a UPS Shipment to be created, AccountEdge needs to save your sale. Once a sale is saved, you can’t enter an amount in Paid Today as the field becomes Applied to Date. In the shipment screen, you may choose to send the estimated Total Shipping back to your sale.

In that scenario, you won’t know the Balance Due or how much to apply against the sale, until the freight is added. You’ll then need to use the Receive Payments window in sales.

Why do I need a new Shipping Method to ship using UPS?
AccountEdge supplies default Shipping Methods when you create your company file. They can be edited or deleted. When you setup UPS Shipping we will inform you that we are creating a new Shipping Method called UPS Shipping, which is required to create a shipment. The specific UPS shipping service will be selected in the "Create a Shipment" window.

Can I send a shipment to a UPS Access Point?
Yes, from the Create a Shipment screen, select Ship to a UPS Access Point location and use the Find Location button to find a destination nearest you. Enter the address into the Create a UPS Shipment window.

How many boxes can a single UPS Shipment contain? Will I get tracking numbers for each?
You can include up to 20 packages with a unique tracking number for each. Use the Shipping Manager window to see all the package details for the entire shipment.

Can I bill a Third Party Account when creating a shipment?
Yes, you can select any of the UPS account you have configured in AccountEdge, or bill a Third Party Account.

What is the Package Reference field?
When creating a shipment from a sales transaction the Package Reference is the sales transaction ID#.

Which UPS’s shipping services does AccountEdge support?
You can select UPS 2nd Day Air®, UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®, UPS 3 Day Select®, UPS Ground®, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Air® Early, or UPS Next Day Air Saver®.

What additional UPS services does AccountEdge support?
We support Saturday Delivery, Carbon Neutral Shipments, 3rd Party Billing, up to 20 packages per shipment, all UPS package types, Large Package handling, Deliver Confirmation, Signature Required, Adult Signature Required, and up to 5 email address per Shipment, Delivery, and Exception Notifications.

Does AccountEdge display published rates or negotiated rates?
Once your account is confirmed in Setup, by providing details on one of your previous three UPS invoices, we will display your negotiated rates. Otherwise, we will use published rates.