Contacts in AccountEdge Pro

Manage customer, vendor, and employee contact information for sales orders, purchase orders, and marketing mailings. Attach documents to contacts and set reminders on when and why to get in touch.

Customer management

Track your customers' contact information: emails, addresses, photos and more. Set default payment methods, pricing and payment terms per customer and those fields will autofill on quotes and invoices.

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Document management

Keep important information together by attaching important documents, like contracts or agreements, to customer, vendor and employee contact cards.

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Reminder log

Keep track of all reminders created in AccountEdge by general reminder or reminders specific to a customer.

Employee and vendor tracking

Keep track of your employees' and vendors' contact information. You can set up and maintain employee payroll data and vendors' payment methods, terms, and other buying details.

Email contacts

Your email integrates with AccountEdge, so that anything you choose to email will be sent from your mail client. Anything that can be printed in AccountEdge can also be emailed.

Create customized letters

AccountEdge comes with a set of letter templates that you can send to your contacts: advertising, collections notices, or thank you notes, for example. You can write your letter (or use a template), then send it to many contacts on your list by having AccountEdge automatically fill in their names, addresses and email addresses for you.