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Serialized inventory

Serialized inventory brings a thousands-of-dollars feature set to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price. Resellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other item-based businesses can track serial numbers from purchase through sale, and beyond with warranty tracking.
  • Flexible, 40-character maximum, alpha-numeric serial number creation
  • Choose a serial number to sell while creating an invoice
  • Add serial numbers to items at purchase, or during the sale process
  • Attach a warranty to a serial number. It will activate when you sell an item. Check if warranties are valid via a serial number report

Requested by Dave Smith, Capitol Macintosh, Lansing, MI

Requested by Jayme Smaldone, Mighty Mug, Brooklyn, NY

Commission tracking

With commission tracking, you can choose a fixed percentage or amount as a commission, or create a custom rate per item or per activity. Assign your commission rates by salesperson and add them to invoices. Choose whether to pay commissions based on sale date or payment, and add the payment to a paycheck, or cut a check separately.
  • Calculate salesperson commissions on sales transactions
  • Create commission rate levels as a fixed percentage, fixed amount, or using a custom rate
  • Custom rates can be calculated as a percentage, by amount, or by a percentage of the margin per item/activity
  • Add vendors to invoices as a salesperson

Requested by Jayme Smaldone, Mighty Mug, Brooklyn, NY

More new features

Hide inactives

Requested by Shep Chargo
Chargo Earthworks, Rome, NY

1099 preparation made easier

Requested by joAnn Ortiz
FlyDragon Consulting, Hollywood, CA

Shopify inventory sync

Requested by Jon Onufer
Copycat Business Systems, Pottsville, PA

Job reporting & splitting jobs

Requested by Brian DeBroux
North Jersey Property Management, Newton, NJ

Invoice & purchase PDF naming

Requested by Caryn Musicer
Five Star Graphics, Torrance, CA

Departments on time sheets

Requested by Laura Snyder
ESPO Springs 'n Things, Danville, PA

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Commission tracking

Hide inactives

Serialized inventory

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