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AccountEdge Cloud lets you, your employees or your contractors add data to AccountEdge wherever they are, without giving them access to your books.

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Departments and Profit Centers

Departmental accounting is here. If you've been using Jobs or Categories to assign transactions to departments, now you can have true departmental tracking on a line-item basis.

Each line item on a transaction can be applied to one department  —  or split between multiple departments  —  so that your reporting is laser-focused. Each contact card is assigned a default department which can be overwritten when necessary on specific transactions.

Transaction windows now include the department column and can be used when customizing your forms. Departments will be added to various reports, like a columnar, departmental P+L Statement, for example, and you can search transactions by filtering by department.

Combine Items

Combine duplicate or similar items into one. Simply select an item and combine it with a second item, merging all of the transactions into one. This feature helps you keep your items list clean and organized by moving all item attributes and transactions into one item. You can also combine a series of inactive items into one to shorten up your Items List.

Product Variations

AccountEdge 2014 adds product variations (sizes and colors, etc.,) to an already robust inventory feature set. Create variations for an item, and then create values for each variation, giving you the ability to track and sell your items with much greater detail and precision.

Improved Jobs Reporting

Filter your job reports to span fiscal years. Include financial information on job reports from the previous, current, or next fiscal year. Simply choose your date range, even if it includes two fiscal years.

AccountEdge Mobile updates

AccountEdge Mobile is a regularly updated companion app for AccountEdge Pro. With the new version of AccountEdge Pro, AccountEdge Mobile supports larger file syncs in a shorter amount of time, and refreshes data faster than ever before.

Returns and Credit Memos

It’s one step to create a credit memo from a sales invoice using the new create credit memo button. As a new sales transaction type, you can also choose credit memo from the type drop-down or sync them from Shopify to settle them in AccountEdge.

Rerun Integration

Rerun is subscription and membership billing made easy. It gives your customers or clients an easy, online payment method for recurring subscription or membership billing, and integrates with AccountEdge.

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Haven't upgraded in awhile? Here are features added to earlier versions of AccountEdge.

New for 2013

Document Management

Attach files to records in AccountEdge, including documents, images and scans. Bookkeepers can scan bills and invoices from vendors and attach to purchases or expense transactions. Salespeople might attach a signed service agreement to an invoice. Accountants may attach I9 forms to an employee record.

Retainers, Escrow and Trust Accounts

Create Trust, Escrow and Retainer accounts. AccountEdge’s retainer feature comes with time-saving usability updates to create Retainer, Escrow and Trust accounts, including linking bank accounts, writing checks directly from these accounts, and easily transferring funds into and out of these accounts.

Improved Bank Statement Import

Importing and reconciling bank statements is more streamlined and intuitive with the new Bank Statement Import. The new "worksheet" acts as a middle-man between import and reconciliation to improve the workflow of dealing with bank statements. Plus, rules can be created to look for and match transactions.

Batch Delete

If you've been using AccountEdge for a few years, you've probably accumulated some contact cards or items that are no longer needed. New Batch Delete will help you clean up your card lists. Select multiple cards or items and delete them in a batch with a single mouse click.

Expanded Tax Code Field

If your state has multiple tax jurisdictions and authorities, or if you need to create tax codes for multiple states, now you can create tax codes up to 5 characters in length, up from 3 in earlier versions of AccountEdge.

Change Orders

If you create estimates for clients, you probably need to deal with changes to the estimate during the process. The new Change Orders feature tracks what changed on your estimate and lets you keep notes on why a change was made.

Sales & Purchases Notes

Add notes to sales and purchase orders. If you want to make notes on quotes, orders, or invoices about sales or purchase details, now there's a notes field where you can do so.

Billing Rate Reports

If you bill for time, there are three new reports waiting for you: Bill Rate Level Summary, Bill Rate Level Detail, and Card Detail.

Updated Financial Statements

Financial statements – including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports – have been redesigned to make them cleaner and easier to read.

Employee Mileage Logs

Update to AccountEdge’s mileage feature lets you choose to track mileage by vehicle or employee. You can also set multiple rates for mileage entries. Track your company mileage with the new vehicle and employee mileage logs.

New for 2012

Track your mileage

Whether you depreciate your vehicle, reimburse for mileage, or bill your clients for miles driven, you can use AccountEdge to track your mileage. Add your vehicles to the vehicle list, then enter the starting and ending readings of your odometer.

Multiple billing rates

Create a matrix of billing rates, by activity, employee, and customer, so that you can charge different rates for the same activity. For example, you can use custom billing rates to set up rate schedules based on employee seniority.

New command center

While retaining the familiar flow chart layout, the new Side Bar and additional menus, Sync and Lists, make it easier to read and navigate your company file.

Side bar

The Side Bar lets you get to recently visited places in AccountEdge. Create a Favorites list for one-click access to your most used windows.

New welcome window

You can access company file maintenance without having to open the company file, and navigate to support tools directly. The new RSS feed gives up-to-the-minute news on product updates and new releases.

New billing statement invoice type

Make it easier for your customers to see where they stand with AccountEdge’s new billing statement invoice. Four new invoices include statement details like current and ending balance and an invoice aging statement. Overdue invoices are aged as of the print date of the invoice.

Restore company file

Restore a company file without having to open it in AccountEdge first. Use the new Company File Maintenance drop-down menu in the welcome window to restore your company file.

Dropbox backup/restore

Back up online and offsite with a free Dropbox account. Former MobileMe customers may consider using Dropbox in replacement for Apple's discontinued iDisk.

Streamline your invoicing

Use the new Statements with Invoice Details to send a single monthly statement that includes the detail of each invoice. An item statement will show each item with cost, and a service or professional will show each description with cost.

Longer statement descriptions

The description fields on statements now wrap and show the entire text from memo fields.

Expanded amount in English on checks

We’ve improved how AccountEdge prints checks with amounts over $100,000 written out in English, rather than numerically.

Updated Start a New Year assistants

The Start a New Fiscal Year and Start a New Payroll Year assistants have new, easier to read layouts for better usability. You can also choose to retain or purge prior year Progress Billing information.

New for 2011

Progress billing

Contractors, architects, engineering firms, and others that bill by project or job can now bill as work is completed. Bill by percentage of the total quote, percentage of each line item, quantity, rate, and more and AccountEdge will manage the invoicing of the entire project from start to finish. You can even bill in excess of 100% of the original quote for overages, change orders, and expenses.


Lawyers, graphic designers, and others that need to manage retainers can create and maintain retainers the way they want to. Set up and manage retainers in AccountEdge, keep a minimum retainer balance, and add expenses to a retainer to pay bills on behalf of clients. Request replenishment, receive payments, and print custom retainer statements with a single click.

Create an invoice from a purchase

If you regularly incur expenses on behalf of your customers, kill two birds with one stone by recording a purchase for the original cost of the expense, and then automatically creating an invoice to bill your customer’s retainer account.

AccountEdge Mobile

Manage your business anywhere you go with AccountEdge Mobile. Tap to record sales and activity slips, enter expenses and contacts, and sync it all with your desktop version of AccountEdge.

Updated search on select from list

We’ve heard you loud and clear and reinstated the old way of searching through lists, while keeping the “starts with” and “contains” method introduced in AccountEdge 2010. Search by any text string, or modify your search by specific field.

Sales and purchases action buttons

Frequently used functions are quickly accessed with the new action button that appears on sales and purchases windows. Click the button to open a simple drop down menu that lets you quickly use or save a recurring transaction, change exchange rates, and much more.

Increased description, note, and email message field size

No more abbreviated notes, descriptions or emails in AccountEdge. We’ve increased field sizes for descriptions, notes and email messages to 1000 characters.

Check redesign looks more like paper counterpart

AccountEdge’s check interface has been redesigned to be more in line with printed checks.

Reconciled date on account history report

Keep track of when your banking accounts were last reconciled with the new Reconciled Date field on the Account History report.

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