What's new in AccountEdge Pro?

Web Pay, lead tracking, and much more

Get Paid Online

Web Pay lets you email invoices and statements containing a payment link, allowing customers to pay you online *. Learn more.

Lead Tracking

You can create and track leads. Convert leads to customers and track their status as well as the source of the lead. New reports show how long it took to convert leads and more.

New Look and Feel

We’ve updated the look of the Sales & Purchases windows to streamline our most important data entry screens. They are resizable and much easier to read. Along the way we’ve tweaked the fonts and layout of many other windows.

More new features


New Profitability reports show the profitability of items, customers and activities.

Create Copy

Create a template based on an existing sale or quote with the details from the original by choosing “Create Copy.”

Void Check

Void any kind of check and mark it as reconciled. Transaction journals and recaps will show the transaction as void. The memo field is updated on each transaction.

Purge Quotes

Purge quotes and lead records that didn’t convert to sales and are no longer needed.

Historical Reports

Start building seven years of Profit and Loss reports and Balance Sheets. A new Multi-Year Spreadsheet report displays year–over–year comparisons in columns.

Search by Card

The Bank Register lets you search by Card in order to see all bank transactions associated with a vendor, customer, etc.

Full Service Payroll

Our online payroll service includes a new design to make payroll data entry, processing and reporting easier and faster with less steps.

Reset System Date

If you’ve left AccountEdge running overnight, it will ask if you want to update the date when you resume using the program.

New Fields & Filters

The Card Summary and Card Detail Report include custom fields for Customer/Vendor/Lead Since, Lead Status and Lead Source. Filter by Customer/Vendor/Lead Since depending on the Card Type selected.

Advanced Filtering

Use advanced filters to search the Bank Register and the Sales and Purchases Registers.

Updated Job Report

Updated Job Exception Report displays lines of sales that are only partially allocated to ensure that you have allocated appropriately.

Add Department

Add a department onto a Bank Deposit transaction so that you can apply a department to bank fees and overages, as well as cash back.

Apply Departments

Apply departments to lines on Inventory Adjustments, as well as split a transaction line across multiple Departments.


Auto-populate your Customer Since and Lead Since date. When new customers are created, the software will set either the Customer Since or Lead Since date so you know how long a customer has been with you.

Filter by Card Type

Filter by Card Type in the Bank Register, as well as a source journal, check number, amount to/from and Memo & Payee.

Partial Job Alerts

When a job is partially allocated, “Partial” is displayed in the job field on sales lines, etc., as well as on reports.

Delete Warning

A confirmation warning message appears before anything is mistakenly deleted.

Back and Next

Use new back and next arrows on the Sales & Purchases window to flip through your transactions.

Scroll Support

Scroll while in edit fields on various screens. In past releases, scrolling using a scroll wheel was disabled when the focus was in an edit control/field.

Card List Changes

The columns on the Card List will change to display appropriate columns based on the Card Type.

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Create Copy

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Reset System Date

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Advanced Filtering

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Filter by Card Type

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Delete Warning

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