Time Billing in AccountEdge Pro

Bill your customers for your time based on activity rate or employee billing rate. Track employee hours with timesheets.

Create activity slips and timesheets

If you bill for time, you can track all time worked on jobs with both billable and non-billable activity slips. You can also track employee hours with timesheets.

Track work in progress

Keep track of the progress of specific jobs, including all income and expenses, and see how much each job is costing you.

Build an invoice from tracked time

Your tracked time directly flows to the sales command center when you are creating invoices to bill for your time. Easy as adding open activity slips for a specific customer to an invoice.

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Create rate levels by employee, customer, and activity

You can set billing rates in AccountEdge to your standards: employee experience, customer loyalty, or by a specific activity.

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Track time remotely

AccountEdge Connect allows remote users to track time and apply it to a payroll category, all without needing access to AccountEdge desktop.