Custom Transaction IDs

Customize your sales and purchases transaction IDs.

Available in the latest version of AccountEdge.

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Get More Organized

Keep your invoices organized by creating 12-character transaction IDs by adding a 4-character prefix to your sales invoice numbers.

Define your next default invoice number, use Shopify order numbers, or add the year onto your sales invoice number.

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Define or Customize your Transactions

Establish a default prefix and next number for all your sales and purchases transactions, or customize them by transaction type.

You can also maintain your Transaction ID sequences by using Locked or Warn, which will prevent changes to the sequence, prevent duplicate transaction numbers, and also fill in unused transaction IDs sequentially — eliminating gaps in transaction IDs.

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Use Shopify order numbers when processing web orders and warn against duplicating transaction IDs by protecting access via User IDs.

Transaction IDs for Non-Sales and Purchases Transactions

The following Transaction IDs have been increased to 12 characters:

    • Record Journal Entry
    • Transfer Money
    • Spend Money
    • Receive Money
    • Prepare Bank Deposit
    • Bank and Deposit Adjustments
    • Receive Retainer
    • Spend Retainer
    • Receive Payments
    • Activity Slip
    • Activity Slip
    • Pay Bills
  • Pay Employee
  • Pay Liabilities
  • Prepare Electronic Payments
  • Build Items
  • Adjust Inventory

Customize your Transaction IDs

Learn how to customize your sales and purchases transaction IDs.