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  • Last updated: May 31, 2019, 10:14 a.m.

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Quick Start Videos

AccountEdge Basic in 90 Seconds
A 90 short summary about AccountEdge Basic.

AccountEdge Basic: An Overview
Defines basic navigation in AccountEdge Basic. Describes different tabs/command centers and their functionality. Goes into functions of each tab/command center. Shows the different drop down tasks on the bottom of the software. A great general overview of the program.

AccountEdge Basic v7 New Features
An overview of the new features added in AccountEdge Basic v7.

AccountEdge Basic: New Company File Assistant
Goes into creating a new company file from start to finish. Setting up company name, tax ID, conversion year, and the accounting year(fiscal year). Also selecting/creating/importing Chart of Accounts.

AccountEdge Basic: Easy Setup Assistant
This involves customizing your Company File. Talks about customizing the Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances. Easy Setup Assistant Sales and setting up sales preferences.

AccountEdge Basic: Accounts
Dives into the Accounts Command Center and its features. Creating and editing accounts and classifying them accordingly.

AccountEdge Basic: Opening Balances
This covers all of the opening balances of your accounts and accounts receivables which involves your income.

AccountEdge Basic: Linked Accounts
Covers the purpose of linked accounts are in AccountEdge.

AccountEdge Basic: Banking
All of your cash based transactions are done in the Banking Command Center. Covers the bank register, spending/receiving money, and entering transactions. Also covers printing checks, printing receipts, preparing bank deposits, and reconciling your accounts.

AccountEdge Basic: Card File
The Card File command center allows you to customize your cards (Customers,vendors and personal cards). Taps into the Cards List which is the heart of the card file command center and includes all of your contacts.

AccountEdge Basic: Sales
The Sales Register (Similar to Bank Register) includes all of your existing sales. You can search sales history such as (Sales, Quotes, Sales Orders, open invoices, and credits). This command center is where most of your income related transactions will take place.