• Section: AccountEdge Connect
  • Last updated: Sept. 14, 2022, 3:07 p.m.

AccountEdge Connect - Marking a transaction as synced.


There are situations where transactions do not sync correctly and must be manually corrected in AccountEdge Desktop. Once the transaction has been resolved in AccountEdge Desktop, the transaction may be manually marked as synced in AccountEdge Connect so that any subsequent syncs bypass that specific transaction and does not include it as a sync error.

The steps below will guide you through manually marking a transaction as synced within AE Connect.

To mark the transaction as synced:

  1. Log into AccountEdge Connect with your admin email
  2. Go to Settings and General (top left)
  3. General Setting (bottom left)
  4. Enable Synced/Delete
  5. After that preference is turned on you will need to find the transaction in AccountEdge Connect that keeps failing during sync. When you open the transaction, there will be a dropdown preference on the bottom. After the transaction has been marked as synced, the sync function will overlook said transaction for all subsequent syncs to the desktop version.