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  • Last updated: July 30, 2019, 3:14 p.m.

New in AccountEdge Connect Updates

Released Date:

April 13, 2019

  • As a reminder, if you’re using Recurring Billing and Bulk Payment processing, please install the latest update r23.0.6 of AccountEdge.
    If you have any interface issues (eg. a button doesn’t work), try clearing your cache. Here’s instruction on how to clear cache for a specific web site.
  • Negative Lines on Sales and Purchases: You can once again add a negative line to a sale (eg. negative quantity or amount). If the end result of your sale is a negative total balance, the sale will be turned into a credit memo upon save. On a Credit Memo where credits are displayed as a positive number, you can also enter a negative amount to reduce the amount of the credit. In a future update, we’ll allow you to enter negative amounts recurring sales.
  • Sending Single Expiring Cards Emails: You can now send out a single Expiring Credit Card email to just one customer. You can do this from a few different places including on the Billing Schedule and in Bulk Payments by clicking the red text “Expired Card” or by opening the Payment Method tab while viewing a customer record or when on the Update Card pop up window.
  • No Card On File and Expiring Cards: When on a Billing Schedule, in the Status column, if you see “No Card On File” in red, you can click that which will then let you enter credit card for that customer without having to leave the window. If you see “Card Expired” or “Card Expiring”, when you click this you will be given the ability to send out a Expired Credit Card email to just that one customer using your Credit Card Expired email template.
  • Unapprove All: In a Billing Schedule, you can now click an Unapprove All button. When manually selecting Approve on sales, an Unapprove All button will be displayed as well as if you clicked Approve All.
  • Replacing or Updating a Credit Card: There was some confusion as to the options when viewing the Credit Card Details of a given customer. We’ve changed this window on the various pop-ups, on a customer record and in the Customer Portal so that there is a Replace Card option where the existing card is removed and a new card can be entered as well as Update buttons next to the Name, Expiration Date and Zip code. Once entering in a new zip code for example, you can click the Update button to save that change.
  • Entering a Job when using Bulk Edit: If you’re using the Bulk Edit function in a Billing Schedule, you can now manually enter a Job or partially enter a Job to search vs having to use the list to choose from.
  • Emailing Issue Resolved: Under certain circumstances, emails would stop be delivered in mass when sending through your Billing Schedule or Bulk Payments. For example, if an email address was not formatted properly (eg. a space was in the email address), the emails would stop sending once the system hit that address. Although AccountEdge Connect will prevent you from creating an ill-formatted email address, AccountEdge Pro allows you to enter any data into the email field. If you find that you’re emails were only partially being sent, it might be a good idea to go to Contacts in AccountEdge Connect and spot check your email addresses scroll through the contacts list. The system will continue sending even if it hits one of these contacts, the contact with the bad email address will not receive their emails.
  • URLs in Email Templates: You can now enter a URL into an email template which will be clickable by the recipient. FYI, currently if the template edited is a Web Pay type, it will turn your URL into a clickable button. This will be changed in a future update.
  • Longer Jobs Selection List: When choosing a Job on a sale or purchase, the Jobs list will expand to the bottom of your browser window to allow you to see more of the list.

April 5, 2019

  • It’s recommended that you clear your cache for this website. We’ve added some new functionality that might not be loaded until your cache is cleared. Here’s instruction on how to clear cache for a specific web site.
  • If you’re using the U.S. version of AccountEdge Pro, we’ve released update r23.0.6 to improve sync times and reduce the amount data that is synced which should help with some syncing problems. This update also provides support for new features. Some of the features below will require r23.0.6 and later.
  • Support for Locked Periods: AccountEdge Connect now is aware of your current fiscal year and if you have enabled locked periods. It will prevent you from entering transactions into a period which is locked or a prior fiscal year to prevent any import sync errors with AccountEdge Pro. Requires U.S. version 2019 r23.0.6 and will be added to other countries as updates are released.
  • Excel Export for Registers: Registers including Sales, Purchases, Banking and Activity Slips as well as others can now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Note: You must first filter your register before the Excel export option becomes active to prevent mistakenly creating a very large spreadsheet.
  • Processed Payment Log: In Sales/Payment History you will find a new tab for Processing Logs. This will display a list of payments that have been processed. This log will remain even after a Force Sync or Unlink/Relink, etc. It’s provided in case you need to reconcile what was processed in AccountEdge Connect against AccountEdge Pro.
  • Changing Schedule Run Date: You can now change your run date for a Billing Schedule. This is useful if you mistakenly ran a billing schedule ahead of time or improperly set the run date when it was originally created.
  • Closed Transactions Synced for Current Fiscal Year Only: When performing your initial sync, an unlink/relink, Force Sync or any time your data is refreshed, we will only be sending up to AccountEdge Connect closed transactions for your current fiscal year (as well as any open transactions, eg. A/R entries). This is to speed up sync time especially for those who retain closed transactions for multiple fiscal years.
  • Sync Errors: We’ve addressed several issues that may have caused various sync errors including Error 11, -1004 and -1005. Keep in mind that these are generic error codes and we’ve addressed several issues that should reduce the likelihood of hitting these sync errors. It is recommended that you update to the U.S update. v2019 r23.0.6.
  • Voiding a Payment which has Been Settled: If you attempt to void a transaction that has been settled by the processor, you will receive a message letting you know that this is not possible and that you should process a credit in AccountEdge Pro.
  • Combine Cards in AccountEdge Pro: This requires U.S. version 2019 r23.0.6 and will be added to other countries as updates are released. If Combine Cards in AccountEdge Pro is used and then a sync occurs, AccountEdge Connect will delete the one Card and reassign transactions to the remaining Card.
  • Deleting Unsynced Bill Payments: When a Bill Payment (vendor payment) was created but couldn’t be synced for some reason (recorded into a prior period, etc), you can now edit or delete that transaction.
  • Deleting a Duplicate Transaction in AccountEdge Pro: If due to a sync error you see a duplicate transaction in AccountEdge Pro but only one in AccountEdge Connect and you delete one of the duplicates which was the original, you may end up deleting the transaction in AccountEdge Connect. In this case after a Force Sync or a change to that remain invoice, purchase, etc., we will display the matching A/R entry.
  • Updating Credit Cards: Under certain circumstances, if you changed a Payment Method for a customer, the change was not being saved.
  • Deleted Customer on Transactions Marked as Unassigned: If you delete a contact from AccountEdge Pro and sync, any transaction that was unsynced in AccountEdge Connect will remain visible and will have displayed “Unassigned” in the contact field so that you can find the transaction and edit or delete it.
  • Customer Portal Customer Status will display correctly if an unlink/relink, Force Sync or account reset occurs (If you receive a Same Company File sync warning).
  • Changing an Apply Credit Date and Deleting Applied Credits: You can now set the date for an Apply Credit Transactions and you can also delete unsynced Apply Credit transactions.
  • Bulk Edit for Recurring Sales with Memorized Lines: In some cases if you used Bulk Edit to make changes to your Billing Schedule, the memorize checkbox was being disregarded resulting in a recurring sale not having line memorized as intended.
  • Performing a Force Sync after Same Company File Error: Previously if a user hit the Same Company File error during a sync but cancelled and performed a Force Sync instead, the software should display the Same Company File message and force you to either cancel or continue with a data refresh.
  • Syncing Changes to Receive Money Transactions: If a Receive Money transaction was edited in AccountEdge Pro, the transaction will be changed in AccountEdge Connect as well. Requires U.S. version 2019 r23.0.6 and will be added to other countries as updates are released.
  • Addressed a Sync Conflict on Customer Cards: We’ve addressed a situation to limit a sync conflict where a change might have been made to a customer record in AccountEdge Connect but AccountEdge Pro was sending an update for the same card to AccountEdge Connect. One would overwrite the other.

March 8, 2019

  • AccountEdge Connect Sync has been adjusted to not send up un-needed data which should make syncing perform faster and more efficient. Previously if a payment was made, AccountEdge Pro would send up an update to invoices which was not needed.
  • Addressed an issue that could have caused an invoice balance in AccountEdge Connect to not equal the matching receivable balance for that invoice.
  • We fixed a problem that could create a -1005 error that could arise if you were syncing.
  • Deleting or voiding a payment in AccountEdge Connect, could cause an error when syncing. This has been addressed.
  • Jobs were not being displayed on sync sales in AccountEdge Connect.
  • Fixed an issue with agents creating a Customer Portal account where they are already or previously registered with a different Market Center.
  • When receiving the "Same Company File" sync error message, when clicking OK to continue the sync, agents were not able to log into the Customer Portal and there was a possibility of receiving an error when it was complete.
  • The Billing Schedule Bulk Edit feature now allows you to set a quantity of a value of zero.
  • If an agent clicked the Details button on a sale in the Customer Portal, they were being logged out.
  • Several other minor issues around syncing have also been addressed.

March 2, 2019

  • For U.S customers, the following changes have been made. For many of these features, you will need the 2019 version of AccountEdge as well as having installed the latest update which currently is r23.0.4.
  • Bulk Editing of Billing Schedules: By choosing Bulk Edit from the "More" menu while viewing a schedule, you will be able to make changes in bulk to recurring sales for selected customers. For example, you can change a price, description, quantity of the lines of the recurring sale as well as add a Job, enable a convenience fee, enable or disable Web Pay, etc. As a reminder, this does not change the price of an item set up in AccountEdge Pro but only the price on the recurring invoices for customers selected.
  • Transactions can be edited or deleted after a sync where an import error or other sync error occurs. This is helpful if you recorded a transaction that cannot be created in your company file. For example, if you locked last month to prevent entering transactions into a prior period, the transaction in AccountEdge Connect will remain unsynced and editable. The same is true for other sync errors that may occur.
  • We've made some changes to how data is synced when there are more than 500 transactions to be synced. This should address some sync errors that have been seen.
  • The Job field will be visible on sales after the sale has been synced. Previously this was hidden.
  • Addressed a sync error that would occur if you changed the date of a payment in your desktop version of AccountEdge and synced.
  • Fixed a problem where it was possible to edit a sale to add more lines or edit an amount in your desktop version of AccountEdge, in AccountEdge Connect the total would be correct but the new lines or edits were not being displayed.
  • When disabling Convenience Fees on the Schedule Settings popup, we will remove any convenience fees that are set up on your recurring invoices.
  • Receive Payments was not displaying the correct transaction date in the Banking Register. It was previously displaying the date it was created but not the transaction date.
  • Fixed an issue where Customer PO was not being saved on Time Billing Invoices.
  • A note about Yahoo and AOL Email addresses - we've had reports that some customers with Yahoo email addresses are not receving emails. Unfortunately with Yahoo and AOL mail, if someone marks an email as Spam, future emails will not be sent from AccountEdge Connect to that recipient and no error notice will be sent. If possible, ask the customer to unmark the sale as Spam and add your email address to their contacts list to see if this addresses the issue. A fall back might be to send them emails through AccountEdge Pro or your email client by attaching a PDF of the sale.
  • Several other issues have been addressed as well.

January 21, 2019

  • If a recurring sale was created with lines that had prices removed, when adding a quantity to the sale while viewing the recurring sale, the price remained zero. Now if there is no value in the price field but you update the quantity, the price of the current price of the item will be added and used to calculate the lines total.
  • The Items List pop up on a sale and purchase has been made longer to make it easier to view more items.
  • The Apply Credits option within the Customer Portal was hidden for Credit Memos created in AccountEdge Connect.
  • We’ve added support for Interlaced PNG image files. Previously if an image was used that had the “Interlace” option when created prevented the PDF of a sale, etc. from being generated and sent via email.
  • The Billing Schedule export to Excel option was only exporting out the first 50 sales and would sometimes generate an error message when exporting.
  • Addressed some issues having to do with hidden characters in certain fields that could prevent an issue with syncing.

January 8, 2019

  • Reminder: If you are using AccountEdge Pro 2018, please install the latest update which addresses issues with syncing.
  • Users on the latest release of the 2018 version can now sell Kit Items in AccountEdge Connect. If the items do not appear in your list, you may need to perform a Force Sync.
  • The Excel export on Billing Schedules has been updated to not give a warning when downloading a billing schedule into an Excel document.
  • Added a new alert when an older version of AccountEdge is used for syncing to let users know to update their software if their version needs to be updated.
  • The Print button on an invoice in the Customer Portal was not working. This has been fixed.
  • We addressed a rounding issue that a user could run into on a Billing Schedule that uses Convenience Fees under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem where if a Commission Level, Job Status, Sales Comment or Referral Source was deleted from its list in AccountEdge Pro was not deleted from AccountEdge Connect. You may have to perform a Force Sync if they have been previously deleted and are still in AccountEdge Connect.
  • Several other minor issues have also been addressed.

December 20, 2018

  • AccountEdge Pro 2018 U.S. users: After installing the upcoming update release 22.0.14, if your sync does not complete due to an error, connection issue, etc. the transactions that were to be synced will remain unsynced in AccountEdge Connect and editable. The next successful sync should import those transactions that were not imported or completely synced. In previous releases, those transactions would remain stuck in AccountEdge Connect.
  • After running your Billing Schedule or Bulk Payments, AccountEdge Connect will now display a summary of what was recorded, processed and emailed once it is complete.
  • The Customer Portal includes a new tab that will display all sales including closed sales. Previously once a sale was paid, it was no longer accessible in the Customer Portal. A new Filter is available in Bulk Payments when viewing the Recurring Billing tab. You can now filter by a billing schedule if you are attempting to process payments only for a specific billing schedule.
  • We made the Save button more visible in settings to help ensure you click save after making changes.
  • The Date Filter on the Bulk Payments was filtering on the due date. This will now filter on the Invoice Date.
  • If a Billing Schedule uses a Convenience Fee and you created copies of an existing recurring sale, those sale might include a line item for the free with no dollar value.
  • Addressed an issue where deleting certain list records would result in the sync from not completing.
  • When filtering the Purchase Register by vendor name, the list would not appear to select a vendor.
  • When creating a Job we weren't displaying the custom List and Field names.
  • Fixed an issue displaying longer Job Names when viewing the Job Details window.
  • When AccountEdge Pro is set to use a comma for a decimal, AccountEdge Connect had trouble displaying the correct amounts in certain fields including tax rates and discount percentages.
  • Addressed an issue where it was possible to delete a Spend or Receive Money transaction from AccountEdge Connect that has already been synced if the window displaying the transaction was not refreshed.
  • We've removed the ability to enter in negative dollar amounts on lines of Service Invoices.
  • The Web Pay option was available on Credit Memos. This option has been removed.
  • Several other minor issues have also been addressed.

November 17, 2018

  • AccountEdge Basic v8 Support: Adds support for the upcoming release of AccountEdge Basic which enables Recurring Billing and Bulk Payment Processing for users of version 8.
  • Better Sync Exception Handling: This enhancement will be enabled for US and Canadian 2018 users in a product update to be released in the next couple of weeks. If a sync error occurs (for example the connection was dropped, etc) or when you receive an error on a transaction that could not be imported, transactions that did not successfully come down into your desktop software will remain unsycned in AccountEdge Connect. The next time you sync, those transactions will be imported. For transactions that have an error (duplicate invoice number, etc) you will be able to correct the issue in AccountEdge Connect and then sync again.
  • Direct Pay and Viewing Invoices: If you send an invoice to a customer using Direct Pay (where the Web Pay customer does not have to create a Customer Portal account), the user will be able to now view the full invoice if created in AccountEdge Connect.
  • AccountEdge Basic and Banking: We've enabled access to Banking for Spend and Receive Money for AccountEdge Basic Users.
  • Credit Memos and Returns: An AccountEdge Connect invoice can no longer contain negative item quantities. If you are looking to process a return, create a credit memo. As a reminder, on credit memos, you use a positive qty and not a negative.
  • Add Transaction Added to Personal Cards: When viewing a Personal type contact record, you now have an Add Transaction button to create Spend and Receive Money transactions.
  • AccountEdge Basic and Job Custom Fields and Lists: AccountEdge Basic v8 customers now have access to custom fields and lists on their Jobs.
  • Kits Issue Resolved: We've resolved an issue where it was possible to insert a line, subtotal, header, etc in the middle of your Kit Component lines which caused importing issues.

November 9, 2018

  • Billing Schedules and Recurring Invoices: You can now create billing schedules which are a collection of recurring invoices. Invoices are created in bulk and can be automatically emailed to customers. These are different than recurring invoices found in your desktop software. To see an overview checkout of the video by clicking the icon to the left. Click Here for Video.
  • Bulk Payment Processing: You can now process credit card payments in a batch. Choose any open receivable or recurring invoice you have a credit card on file for and process them all at once. You can send out Expired Credit Card emails, notify those who's payments were declined and much more. Check the video on the left for an overview of how it works. Click Here for Video.
  • Payment History: For AccountEdge 2019 users, you now have a new tab in Sales for Payment History. This will show any payments processed in AccountEdge Connect including those through the new Bulk Payment Processing.
  • Selling Kits: You can now sell any Kit items that you have created using AccountEdge Pro 2018 or 2019. Kits are a collection of items that make it easy to sell a bundle of items together at special pricing.
  • Applying Credits: If using AccountEdge Pro 2019, AccountEdge Connect allows you to apply a customer's credit to an open invoice or receivable. Open the Credit from the Sales Register and choose Apply to Sale. The credits will sync down to your AccountEdge company file. If you're using the Customer Portal and Web Pay, you now also have a setting to allow your customers to apply their credits to open invoices when they log into the portal. You can enable this in Settings/General/Customer Portal.
  • Customer Portal: Even if you are not processing credit card payments in AccountEdge, you can give your customers access to the Customer Portal so they can see their open receivables.
  • In AccountEdge 2019, you also have the ability to send invites from your desktop software or in AccountEdge Connect to the Customer Portal. Once Activated, you will see their Customer Portal status in AccountEdge Pro.
  • Web Pay Statements from AccountEdge Pro 2019: If using AccountEdge 2019, you can now send Web Pay Statement emails to your customers which will include a link to the Customer Portal so they can make a payment, update their credit card, etc.
  • Improved Sync When Connection Drops: With the 2019 version, if your connection drops while syncing or there's some issues completing the sync, AccountEdge 2019 and AccountEdge Connect does a better job of addressing any transactions that were not successfully imported. This prevents transactions not synced from being Read Only (stuck in AccountEdge Connect) and will come down the next time your run a sync.
  • Customers with the Same Email Address: If you have customer cards in AccountEdge that have the same email address and you invite one of them to the Customer Portal, when they sign up we will notify the customer that this email address is associated with multiple customers and to contact you to rectify the issue. In some cases it will ask the customer to confirm their company name to ensure the portal account is linked to the correct customer record.
  • User Access Settings: We've added more user access setting that can be applied to your AccountEdge Connect users. You can now specify access to Spend Money, Receive Money, Bulk Payment Processing, Recurring Billing and more.
  • Deactivating a Customer Portal User Account: If you deactivate a customer's access to the Customer Portal, the account will be removed. You can then re-invite them to the portal with another email address or their original.
  • Issues That Have Been Addressed: - We removed the Apply Payment button from Quotes. - The Salesperson's Commission Rate Level was not being applied when a salesperson was added to a sale. If the rate still does not appear on the sale, please perform a Force Sync from your AccountEdge desktop software. - Several other minor issues have been resolved.

October 15, 2018

  • Important Note about Syncing: It is recommended that when syncing with AccountEdge that you do so in single user mode. Depending on the OS and where your company file is located on the network (especially if your file is not on your computer), the sync may take a very long time. If you do sync when others are in the file or when it's simply taking a long period of time, we recommend that you let the sync finish and to not exit the application. Doing so can cause issues where transactions do not get synced down to your company file. We're hoping to address this issue in a future update.
  • Sync Performance Increased: We've made some changes to reduce some unnecessary syncing of data. This should be noticeable if you are creating a good number of sales or payments in AccountEdge Connect.
  • Sending Emails with Your Reply-To Address: If you haven't edited and saved your email configuration settings, the default email address found in the Reply-To field was not being used to send out emails. Although we've addressed this issue, you may want to review your email settings and be sure to click the Save button on the bottom of the page.
  • Print Option in More Menu: Under the More menu on transactions, you will now find a Print option. This option will open a new browser tab, display the PDF to print and open the Print Dialog.
  • Credit Memo: You can now choose Credit Memo from the Add Transaction menu in the Sales Register.
  • Duplicate Transactions Issue: If a sync failed to complete (a computer crash, force quit of AccountEdge, etc.) an issue was created where if you edited that sale in AccountEdge on your Mac or PC or applied a payment to the sale, a duplicate sale was created in AccountEdge Connect during the next sync.
  • Spend and Receive Money Interface Clean up: These pages have been cleaned up for customers in Canada, the UK and other countries. We had some display issues with the subtotal/total area of the page.
  • Add New Customer from Transactions: When choosing a contact for your transaction, you can use the + button to add a new contact. The form that was displayed had some alignment issues.

September 17, 2018

  • AccountEdge Pro v14 International Support: AccountEdge Connect now supports syncing with AccountEdge Pro v14 International Edition. With this new version, users of the International version of AccountEdge now have access to additional modules and features.
  • Hiding Inactive Jobs and Items: The Jobs list and Items list now have a Hide Inactive checkbox which will hide any jobs or items that have been marked as Inactive.
  • Fixed an issue when using transaction filters while viewing a contact record.
  • Several Other minor issues have also been addressed.

September 4, 2018

  • The Sales, Bank and Purchase Registers, Contact List and other windows have been updated to load more efficiently. Not only will these lists load faster, it will load the first 50 results and when scrolling, it will then load the next 10 at a time.
  • When creating a new transaction and selecting a contact, the list of contacts that are displayed should load quicker for those with thousands of contacts.
  • You can now Hide Inactive contacts from the full contacts list by clicking the checkbox above the contacts list. To make a contact inactive, edit the contact and click the Inactive Contact checkbox to turn it green.
  • Addressed an issue where the bottom of PDFs might have been cut off depending on your PDF settings.
  • When sending an email from the contacts list, the default Subject line was displaying Payment Receipt when it should have been empty.
  • Fixed a problem where your logo may disappear when changing other Customer Portal settings.
  • The Commission Rate dropdown on sales would disappear sometimes after the page loaded.
  • On the Sales and Purchases Register, if you drilled down into a sale you had to click the back arrow twice to go to the previous screen.
  • Several other minor issues have also been resolved.

August 3, 2018

  • The Sales, Bank and Purchase Registers, Contact List and other windows have been updated to load more efficiently. Not only will these lists load faster, it will load the first 50 results and when scrolling, it will then load the next 10 at a time.
  • When creating a new transaction and selecting a contact, the list of contacts that are displayed should load quicker for those with thousands of contacts.
  • You can now Hide Inactive contacts from the full contacts list by clicking the checkbox above the contacts list. To make a contact inactive, edit the contact and click the Inactive Contact checkbox to turn it green.
  • Addressed an issue where the bottom of PDFs might have been cut off depending on your PDF settings.
  • When sending an email from the contacts list, the default Subject line was displaying Payment Receipt when it should have been empty.
  • Fixed a problem where your logo may disappear when changing other Customer Portal settings.
  • The Commission Rate dropdown on sales would disappear sometimes after the page loaded.
  • On the Sales and Purchases Register, if you drilled down into a sale you had to click the back arrow twice to go to the previous screen.
  • Several other minor issues have also been resolved.

July 16, 2018

  • You can now customize the Subject of your emails for the different transaction emails that AccountEdge Connect can send including different Subjects for Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Web Pay Sales, Payment Receipts, etc.
  • We've added a Due Date to Invoice PDFs to sit alongside the Terms of the sale.
  • Addressed an issue where the footer on a PDF was not displaying correctly.
  • Solved an issue where if a logo was added to the PDF settings but a user doesn't click save, emailing PDFs will stall.
  • Several other minor issues have also been addressed.

June 28, 2018

  • The Sales, Purchases and Banking Registers should now load and search quicker for those with lots of transactions in your registers.
  • Loading and searching of the Contacts list, Items list, Jobs and payments are now quicker.
  • In the Sales and Purchases Register, the Invoice and Purchases tab includes an amount. This amount is now the total balance of open receivables/payables including any transactions created in AccountEdge Connect. As a reminder, the Quotes and Orders tabs show the total amount of the transactions in those tabs which are quotes and orders that have been created in AccountEdge Connect.
  • When using Spend and Receive Money, AccountEdge Connect will remember the last pay from/receive into account used.
  • Addressed an issue where if you filtered by contact in the sales or purchases register the filter window would close before the filter would take affect.
  • Fixed an issue where if you create a vendor while creating a purchase, an email address was required and caused an issue saving your vendor.

June 8, 2018

New Server We’ve migrated to a new server to provide better performance for some upcoming features that will be rolled out in upcoming months.
Transaction Email Templates You now have the ability to customize the email template used for different transactions. For example you can customize the body of the email used when sending invoices, orders, purchases, payments received, etc. You can find this new feature in Settings/General/Email Configuration.
Email Receipts You can now email out payment receipts when receiving a payment from a customer. You can view the payment receipt and click the email icon to send it to the customer.
Customer Portal
  • The Customer Portal is the new name of the site customers can log in to view their invoices and open receivables.
  • Web Pay is an optional feature of the portal for your customers to pay their bills only when the credit card processing service is enabled.
  • For those using Web Pay and credit card processing, customers can update and manage their payment methods, pay their bills and view the only payments made in the portal.
  • The portal can be enabled in Settings and a customer can be invited to the portal in a new setting on the customer record in the Selling Details tab.
Inactive Items Hidden from Select Lists When creating sales and purchases, if an Item was marked as Inactive in AccountEdge desktop software, the items will not be displayed in the list.
Adding and Updating Credit Cards in the Customer Portal Users who have enabled the Customer Portal and use the credit card processing service can let their customers update their payment method after logging into the portal. The customer can update their expiration date, remove a card or add a new card.
Card ID If Card ID’s are used on contacts, the ID will be displayed in the select from lists while on Sales. The Card ID can be searched for when choosing a customer on sales. This will also be implemented for purchases and other lists in a future update. To display the Card ID as a column in the Contacts List, enable the Card ID setting in Settings/General/General Settings.
Payment History In Sales a new tab has been added for Payment History. This will show all payments made within AccountEdge Connect and in the Customer Portal via Web Pay.
Receive and Spend Money in Contact Transaction List When viewing a contact, if you choose the Transaction List, it will now also include any Spend and Receive Money transactions.
Receive and Spend Money in Contact Transaction List When viewing a contact, if you choose the Transaction List, it will now also include any Spend and Receive Money transactions.
Logging In Takes You To The Last Page Visited AccountEdge Connect will store the last module you were on so when logging in later, it will take you to that same page. If you clear cookies though, this setting is cleared and you will go to the default page.
New Login Page A new login page has been implemented.
The following issues were addressed:
  • Fixed a problem when attempting to edit an email address where the cursor jumps to the end of the field when typing.
  • In some cases Add Card was presented even when Credit Card Processing was not enabled.
  • Using Paid Today on Bills created a payment with a payment memo that was not valid and caused a warning when syncing.
  • Yahoo Currencies has disabled their web service we used to update exchange rates. The option to update them automatically has been removed until a new web service can be implemented. You can still manually enter in updated rates.
  • When adding Freight to a purchases and sales, if the freight was taxable, the tax amount was not being synced to AccountEdge.
  • Fixed and issue syncing activity slips where an error about the Employee/Vendor was not found. This occurs if a new vendor was created in AccountEdge Connect along with an activity slip.

September 2017

Customizing your Sales and Purchase PDFs Your sales and purchase PDFs can now be customized. You'll be able to add and position a logo, company name. You can also change the font and font styles as well as choose a color scheme.
Sending Open Invoice Reminders You can now email to your customers a list of open invoices directly from their contact record. If you take advantage of Web Pay, your customers will also receive a Pay Now button where they can log in to pay off invoices.
Using Web Pay Without the Need to Create a Web Pay Account. There's a new option for those using Web Pay to let your customers pay you online without them needing to create a Web Pay account. Once enabled the Pay Now button will direct the customer to Web Pay where they can only see and pay that single invoice.
Restricting User Access to Transactions The admin now has the option to restrict users from viewing certain transactions. Once this option is enabled on a user account, that user will only be able to see transactions that they have created or transactions where they are the salesperson on a transaction.
Smarter Capitalization and Editing Amounts We've tried to do a better job at knowing when we should be automatically using an uppercase letter. For example if you were entering in a Postal Code in Canada, we know that the letters should be upper case. The same would be true when entering in a state. We also made it easier to edit amounts. When you click into an amount field, we'll let you just start typing in an amount to override the existing amount instead of needing to select the content in the field first.
Default Shipping Method The default shipping method field is now available on contact records. This information is also synced up from AccountEdge and will be used to populate the same field on sales and purchases.
Help Preventing Duplicate Payments by Customers We've added some protection from customers submitting duplicate payments. If a customer is making a payment via Web Pay and while submitting the credit card information their connection is dropped or is very slow where a timeout might occur, the payment may have already been submitted to the payments gateway and successfully processed. In this case if the customer attempts to try again within 30 minutes, they're receive a message that a payment may have already been processed and to contact you to check. Since AccountEdge never received a response from the gateway, we cannot tell if a payment was successful or not. You may need to check with Forte through their Virtual Terminal to see the status of any payment made.
We fixed several bugs including:
  • Fixed issues when sorting a column in the sales and purchase register where if you scroll through addition pages of data, the new data being displayed wasn't sorted.
  • Apostrophe used in the notes field on Time Sheets was preventing the the sheet from being recorded.
  • There was a display issue where if you scrolled through your Activity Slips, the dates would appear to change.
  • We've restricted the format for card expirations dates and last four digits to prevent any sync warnings.
  • When editing a sale, we'll now prevent you from changing the customer used on the sale.
  • The Print Check setting on Spend Money was mistakenly enabling the Check Already Printed option in AccountEdge Pro to be enabled.
  • Several other minor issues have also been addressed.

July 2017

  • We’ve overhauled the interface of AccountEdge Connect with new fonts, colors, styling and buttons. We hope you like it.
  • Mobile phone users will find an updated interface on Spend Money to make entering spend and receive money transactions a bit more intuitive and easier to complete.
  • If you create drafts of time sheets where you might record them all at the end of the week, you’ll find a new Record All Drafts button that will turn your drafts into full time sheets that are ready to be synced.
  • We’ll warn you if you edit an existing timesheet but don’t click Record before moving on to the next time sheet.
  • There’s a new option in a users setup found in Settings/Users where you can enable the option for an employee user to not only add a payroll category to an Activity Slip or Time Sheet but also to require that a category is added before recording.
  • You can now have an Admin account and a User account with the same email address. When logging in, you'll be asked to choose the Admin or User account.
  • Fixed a bug where if you recorded multiple time sheets for an employee, the first timesheet’s notes were being used on the other time sheets when synced.
  • After processing a credit card, we’ll display the results with options to void and view or print a payment receipt.
  • AVS Results - when processing a credit card, the AVS results will display Passed in green or Failed in Red to highlight the results. Accountedge Connect performs an AVS check on the zip/postal code. If it fails, you’re notified however the transaction will not decline. You can void the transaction if needed and ask the customer for a correct billing zip/postal code.
  • Auto Fill Paid Today - when on a sale if you click into the Paid Today field to add an amount the customer has paid at the time of creating the sale, AccountEdge Connect will auto populate the total amount due on the sale. You can easily override this amount if needed.
  • When creating a transaction where a credit card method is applied, if you record this transaction without processing a credit card, a new pop up window will be displayed asking if you want to process the payment.
  • On Spend Money, Receive Money, Customer Payments and Vendor Payments you’ll find a Receipt field with options to Print, Email, Print and Email or Already Printed/Emailed. This is used in AccountEdge Pro/Plus/Network Edition to let the software know if it should show up in the Print/Email Receipts list.
  • The field labels for Job Number and Payroll Category we’re not being display on time sheets.
  • When creating a Receive Money transaction while on a contact record by using Add Transaction, the contact was not being added to the Receive Money window.
  • You’ll now find Trace ID numbers for credit card transactions that you can view after processing a credit card payment.
  • When syncing Receive Money transactions to AccountEdge Pro, if you had the setting enabled to have AccountEdge Pro assigns the next transaction ID upon sync, you would receive a warning when syncing. This is addressed with the 2017 version, release r21.0.9 in the US and will be updated in other countries in a future update.
  • Addressed a problem with credit memos where there was an issue if the transaction had both a positive amount line and a negative amount line.
  • Fixed a problem with Web Pay where users may receive a Customer Not Found error when registering for an account. This occurred when two contacts in AccountEdge had the same email address. We will now link the account the the customer record that has transactions associated with it.
  • Made it a little clearer for your customers signing up for Web Pay to help understand the sign up process by giving more instructions and letting them know to check their email for an activation email that they will need to click a link on.
  • If syncing through Dropbox, there was an error when creating a new contact. This has been resolved.

June 2017

This update enables the soon to be released Canadian 2017 version of AccountEdge Pro and Network Edition to be used with AccountEdge Connect. The following features will be available to Canadian users of the 2017 version:
  • Bank Register
  • Receive Money
The following issues have also been addressed:
  • Added Canadian and UK Tax ID Numbers to the bottom of the Sales PDFs.
  • When creating a Receive Money transaction from a customer record, the customer name was not stored in the transaction.
  • When creating a Receive Money transaction from a customer record, the default customer settings were not applied to the Receive Money transaction.
  • If a UPS shipment was created from a Sale, the shipping method in AccountEdge Connect now will not be changeable because it has already been shipped.
  • Other minor bugs have also been addressed.

March 28, 2017

Several enhancements have been included for all customers however these first few are only available for customers running AccountEdge 2017 release 21.0.6 or later.
Receive Money
  • You can now create Receive Money transactions in AccountEdge Connect. Use this transaction type to record incoming cash that is not associated with a customer's receivable.
Banking Register
  • You'll find a new tab in the top navigation bar called Banking. From here you'll find a new Banking Register. The banking register displays any Receive and Spend Money transactions created in AccountEdge Connect. You can filter this list by bank or credit card account. From this new register, click Add Transaction to create Spend Money, Receive Money, Receive Payment and Pay Bills transactions.

The following features are available to all users:

Notes Field on Spend and Receive Money
  • Just like in sales and purchases, you can add a note to spend and receive money transactions that are synced to AccountEdge. You can also save these notes to use on future transactions.
Card IDs
  • AccountEdge Pro has Card IDs that can be created for contacts however these were not available in AccountEdge Connect. You will now be able to add Card IDs to contacts in AccountEdge Connect.
Auto Populating Qty of 1
  • When creating an item sale or purchase, we will populate the qty field with "1" to save you a click. We figure that if you were going to enter in a different quantity you would have to click in this field anyway.
Email Validation
  • When entering an email address for contacts, employees as well as when a customer registers for Web Pay, we will validate that the email address is valid. Basically we're looking to see if the domain is a true domain that can be emailed to. (eg. gmail.com but not gmail.net). You'll receive a warning when an invalid address is entered.
Invoice Delivery Default
  • Invoice Delivery Default has been added to contacts for Canadian users of AccoutEdge Pro 2016.
Purchases Register Tiles Update
  • We've thought some more about the tiles that you see on top of the Purchases Register after receiving some customer feedback. The clickable tiles are now Drafts, Payments, Quotes, Orders, Open Bills, Past Due and All Purchases. Open Bills will display any open purchase with an open balance whereas Past Due takes into account if the payable has gone beyond the vendors terms you've set up on the purchase. Clicking Past Due will show you all past due purchases created in AccountEdge Connect as well as any open payable (in summary form) created in AccountEdge Pro.
Creating Jobs While on a Transaction
  • When creating a transaction, you can now create a new Job without needing to leave the transaction. Simply choose the Job drop down selection menu and click the plus sign to add a new Job.
  • Several interface enhancements have been made. Although it might be more appropriate to say we cleaned up some of the user interface.
Issues Fixed:
  • Solved a problem when using Paid Today on a Professional Purchase where you couldn't click OK.
  • When creating a service sale from within the contacts window, we weren't autofilling the default income account for the customer.
  • Fixed a Canadian user issue when syncing to AccountEdge Pro a new Vendor card would receive a sync warning.

March 23, 2017 UK

The following features were added for UK customers using AccountEdge 2017 and later
  • Spend Money transactions in AccountEdge Connect with the 2017 versions of AccountEdge.
  • Purchases including quotes, orders and bills can be created and synced with UK versions of AccountEdge 2017 and later.
  • Payables are now synced with AccountEdge Connect and the UK 2017 versions of AccountEdge.
  • UK software users can now create Pay Bill transactions to pay off open payables.
  • Miscellaneous Sales types can be created to be synced with the UK versions of AccountEdge 2017.
  • Several minor defects have also been addressed.

January 2017

January 27, 2017 Update Notes This update to AccountEdge Connect included the new features and fixes listed below
Creating a Sale from a Purchase or Purchase from a Sale You can now take an existing sale and create a purchase from it and vice versa. The lines of the sale or purchase will be moved to the new transaction.
Invoice Delivery Default On customer contact records you now can view and set a default Invoice Delivery method. You can set this for Print, Email, Print and Email as well as Printed/Emailed. This is then used when creating sales.
Invoice Delivery Methods On Sales Similar to how this works in AccountEdge Pro, you can set the delivery method for a sale. (eg. To Be Printed, To Be Email, etc). Once a sale is then Printed, the status will change to Printed (or emailed…). This is used in AccountEdge Pro when using Print/Email Invoices. Any changes to this delivery status will be synced back and forth with AccountEdge Connect and your desktop software.
Professional Purchases We’ve added support for creating Professional Purchases just as you can do in AccountEdge Desktop. This allows you to add to lines of purchases a date, description, account and amount similar to a Professional Sale.
Updated the Mobile Interface for Contacts We’ve updated the window when viewing contacts on a mobile phone to make it easier working with contacts on a small screen.
Default Income and Expense Accounts for Professional Sales/Purchases When adding an income account to a Professional Sale or expense to a Professional Purchase, we will ask you if you would like to save this account as a default for this customer or vendor for future transactions.
Customer Payment Method You can now set your customers default payment method on a Customer record. You’ll notice a new Payment Method tab where you can set the method and other related details. This method will then be used by default when creating a Customer Payment as well as using Paid Today.
New Transaction on Vendor Record A New Transaction button can now be found on a vendor record while viewing a vendor so you can’t quickly create a purchase or pay a bill.
Changing the Sale Type While on a Sale When creating a new sale, you can now change the type (eg. quote, order, invoice) without having to exit out and start over again.
The following usability issues and defects have also been addressed
  • Fixed some bugs that were causing 406 errors while syncing.
  • The Sales Register filter for Customer will now display if the contact is a Customer or a Lead.
  • Addressed a problem where it was possible to mistakenly process a credit card payment twice.
  • When customers using an iPhone to view and pay and pay their invoices, the list of invoices might have been empty.
  • Fixed a problem where Draft sales and purchases converted to Bills and Invoices where not showing up in the Registers as open A/R or A/P.
  • Cleaned up a bit of the Bill Payment window where fields weren’t aligned quite right.
  • Miscellaneous Purchase Orders were listed as Bills in the Bill Payment window.
  • Removed the address field from Miscellaneous Sales and Purchases as this does not exist in AccountEdge Desktop
  • The Miscellaneous Sales window had some alignment issues if the browser window was a certain size.
  • Cleaned up the user interface across a variety of screens and squashed other smaller bugs.

December 2016

December 12, 2016 Update Notes This update to AccountEdge Connect included the new features listed below and beyond this there were quite a few smaller defects and UI changes that were addressed
Default Invoice and Purchase Delivery Setting Sales and Purchases synced will use the customer or vendor's default Invoice Delivery and Purchase Delivery methods (eg. Print and Email, Already Printed/Emailed, etc) when creating and syncing sales and purchases.
Miscellaneous Sales and Purchases AccountEdge Connect now supports the Miscellaneous Sale and Purchase layout type. This simple layout can be used for quicker entry of sales and purchases in cases when invoices and purchases are not sent to customers and vendors. They support a description, account and an amount.
Zip Codes and AVS Checking When processing a payment, AccountEdge Connect will now submit zip codes for checking AVS. Currently the AVS check is set to not decline the transaction if there is a mismatch of the zip; however, submitting Zip/AVS can reduce transaction rates.
Orders and On Hand Warnings When creating an order for an item that you do not have enough "On Hand" to meet the quantity ordered, we will warn you and ask if you would like to create the order anyway.
The following usability issues and defects have also been addressed
  • If you have two invoices with the same invoice number, you can now apply a single payment to pay off both of those invoices without any syncing issues.
  • The Sales and Purchases Registers were not properly labeling the status of transactions.
  • The font size and weight on activity slip notes has been changed to match other fields.
  • Fixed an interface problem on the customer and vendor payments screens where changing the payment method caused some overlapping of text.
  • Addressed some minor display and font issues on sales and purchases.
  • After voiding a credit card payment, the receipt associated with the payment will be marked as voided.
  • Made some adjustment to pages to make them more responsive for those viewing on mobile devices.

September 2016

September 2016 Update Notes You will need to be using v2016 with the latest updates installed in order to use the following new features..
Spend Money Video is available here. AccountEdge Cloud now supports the creation of Purchase Orders, Quotes and Bills. Create item purchases or order inventory or service purchase orders, bills, etc. You also can convert quotes to PO's to bills. While creating bills, you'll be able to apply a payment using Paid Today as you can do in AccountEdge Pro.
Purchases Register Video is available here. The new Purchases Register displays all of your purchases including Spend Money transactions, bills, PO's, quotes and open payables. Payables created in AccountEdge Pro are synced to AccountEdge Cloud. These open payables are in summary only and do not include Bill details. Unlike AccountEdge Pro, the Purchase Register in AccountEdge Cloud shows all types of purchases including Spend Money, open bills, closed bills, purchase orders, etc.
Pay Bills Video is available here. AccountEdge Cloud syncs your open payables so you can now see how much is owed to Vendors. Use the Purchase Register to find any open payables for a vendor or find them by viewing a vendors contact record. You can also apply a payment against an open payable synced up from AccountEdge Pro or a bill created in AccoutEdge Cloud.
Paid Today Changes in Sales and Purchases When using Paid Today on a sale or a purchase you can now choose which account you are receiving funds into or which bank account is to be used when making a payment. You can also create a memo to go with the transition that will be created as well as set the transaction ID.
Transaction IDs for Receive Payments and Pay Bills When using Paid Today or you will be able to set up default transaction ID numbers per bank and credit card account. For example you might want to set your Checking Account's next transaction ID/check # to be AC000101 or you might want to let AccountEdge Pro assign the transaction ID # when it is synced.
Professional Sales Layout AccountEdge Cloud now supports creating and syncing the Professional Sale Layout. With this sale type you can apply a date to each of the lines on a sale.
Changing Transaction IDs When creating a new sale, purchase, etc., you will be able to override the auto-generated transaction ID which can be modified in Settings. On your next sale the ID will revert back to the next available ID according to your setting.
Retaining Filters When using filters in the registers, after you click to view a transaction, if you return to the register, your filters will still be applied until you clear them or leave the register.
Promised Dates On sales and purchases you can now add a Promised Date just as you can in AccountEdge Pro.
Manually Activate a Web Pay User You now have the ability to manually activate a Web Pay user where that user's activation email has gone to spam or was not delivered. Simply click Activate on the customers record and the customer will then be able to log in using the password they created.
Customer Since and Lead Since Auto-Populated When creating a customer or lead, AccountEdge Cloud will pre-populate the Customer or Lead Since fields. For records synced from AccountEdge Pro that do not contain dates, these fields will remain empty but allowing you to add a date if needed.
Creating a Sale from a Customer or Lead Record While viewing a customer or lead in the Contacts list you will be able to create a transaction and have AccountEdge Cloud pre-fill in the customer name and other Sales defaults when using Add Transaction. You'll also notice that you can not only resend an Invite from a customer record but once activated, you can click a Deactivate button to deactivate the customer's Web Pay account.
Fixed a Lot of Small Bugs We also went through and squashed quite a few little nagging bugs.

June 2016

June 2016 Update Notes This update adds support for the Canadian version of AccountEdge 2016 and enables the features listed below for Canada. These features require AccountEdge 2016.
Lead Tracking Video is available here. Create and sync Leads between AccountEdge Cloud and AccountEdge Pro. Leads can be converted to Customers either manually or automatically when a quote is converted to an invoice.
Web Pay Video is available here. Let you customers pay you online via credit card. Your customers can log in to see their open receivables and choose which invoices to pay.
Vendor and Personal Contacts You can now sync and create Vendor and Personal contact cards in AccountEdge Cloud. These will soon be used in an upcoming update to support Purchases and Spend Money in AccountEdge Cloud.
Syncing Open and Closed Receivables Video is available here. Accounts Receivables are synced from AccountEdge Pro to AccountEdge Cloud and displayed in the Sales Register. This provides a summary of the receivable.
Customer Payments Video is available here. With AccountEdge Pro v2016, you can now record payments from customers against an open invoice or receivable. You can do this from the Sales Register by clicking on an open receivable and select a payment or you can choose New Trasaction and choose Customer Payment.
Improved Syncing of Quantity Levels Syncing inventory levels is quicker. Only items who's quantities have changed or other item details that have changed will be synced instead of the entire quantity list.
Additional Contact Details are Synced Customer Notes can now be created on contact records and synced to AccountEdge Pro.
Additional Contact Fields Additional fields for contacts are available including Notes, Lead Since, Customer Since, Lead Status, Default Income Account, Default Shipping Method, Tax ID Number, Default Payment Method, etc.

March 30, 2016

New Feature Overview Many of the features in this release require AccountEdge 2016 with the 20.0.7 update or later. An overview video of the features is available here.
New Contacts Redesign We’ve redesigned the Contacts List and how Contacts are displayed. You’ll find information broken out into tabs similar to AccountEdge Pro’s Cards. From here you’ll find additional contact information and the ability to create transactions while viewing a contact record.
Additional Contact Fields Sync Requires version 2016 with latest update installed. We’re now also syncing additional fields including Notes, Lead Since, Customer Since, Lead Status, Default Income Account, Default Shipping Method, Tax ID Number, Default Payment Method, etc.
Transactions by Customer on Contact Record You’ll also find that a customer record has a tab which display a transactions list. This list contains open invoices, quotes, orders, payments as well as closed sales.
Customer Jobs List While viewing a customer record, you’ll find a new Jobs List showing all linked jobs for this customer and have the ability to create new linked jobs.
Vendor/Supplier and Personal Contacts Requires version 2016 with latest update installed. AccountEdge v2016 can now sync your vendor/supplier and personal contacts to AccountEdge Cloud. You’ll find them in the newly re-designed Contacts list which can be sorted by contact type. You can also edit and create new vendor and personal contacts. These new contact records will be used in upcoming features like Spend Money and Purchases.
Closed A/R Requires version 2016 with latest update installed. AccountEdge Pro will now sync to AccountEdge Cloud all Closed A/R including sales not originally created in AccountEdge Cloud. This will provide a more complete picture of sales and payment activity in your sales register.
Syncing and Displaying Notes Field Requires version 2016 with latest update installed. You can now create notes on your customer record. These notes will be kept in sync with notes from the customer record in AccountEdge.
Negative Line Amounts on Sales Video available here. You can now add negative amounts on sales. This is useful if you wanted to provide a invoice wide discount by adding a line item to your sale with a negative amount. For service sales, you can simply add a negative amount to the line. For Timebilling and Item sales, you might create an item or activity called Discount and apply it to a line and use a negative quantity to calculate out a negative line total.
Accounts Lists Change When choosing an account on Sales and other areas of AccountEdge Cloud, if you use the drop down to display the list of accounts we’ll take you to the area of the accounts list that makes the most sense. For example, on a sale, we would take you to the start of the income accounts.
Adding Customers While Tracking Time While on a Activity Slip or Time Sheet, when selecting a customer, you now have the ability to quickly add a customer instead of jumping over to the Contacts list.
Billing Rate Levels on Customer Records The customer record will now let you either enter in a billing rate or select a Billing Rate Level for use on Activity Slips and Time Sheets.
Support for Direct Sync in UK versions of AccountEdge With an upcoming update to the UK version AccountEdge v2016, you'll be able to directly sync to AccountEdge Cloud without the need for Dropbox. This will require update r20.2.2 which should be available the first week of April.
Additional Fixes We've also fixed a number of small defects that were reported

February 12, 2016

Credit Limit Support AccountEdge Cloud now supports Credit Limits. Credit Limits can be set in AccountEdge or AccountEdge Cloud. You’ll be warned when creating a sale if a customer will go over their credit limit. You’ll then have the option to continue or save it as a draft, delete it, etc. We you’re warned about the credit limit, we’ll show you the limit, the current balance, the sale amount and how much over the limit this sale would take you. This video has further information.
Hiding Inactive Customers, Items, Jobs, etc If a record is marked as Inactive while in AccountEdge, they will now not be displayed in Select From Lists in AccountEdge Cloud. A “Select From List” are the pop up lists that you use to choose a customer, item, job, etc. while creating transactions. You can also mark a contact as Inactive in AccountEdge Cloud by editing their record and choosing Inactive Contact.
Setting User Access The Admin user can now set the access rights for users based on module/feature. For example, you may have one user that you wish to provide access to just track time but not view the Sales Register. Another use for is if you provide access to AccountEdge Cloud to a subcontractor. You might want to limit their access to your customer list and only provide access to Time Tracker. Admin users can find this under Settings/General/User Accessibility Settings. You will also find a link to the feature while viewing a Users setup. This video has further information.
Auto Loading Lists You’ll now find that lists like the Sales Register, Jobs List, Customer List, etc. will auto load while you scroll down. There’s now no need to use the arrows to click through pages or use “Display 20” per page. Now just scroll and let it load.
Quickly Create Leads While Creating Quotes You can now create a Lead while creating a quote. Simply type in the name of the Lead and when the popup is displayed, click the plus sign and then set the new contact as a Lead type. It’s as simple as that.
Pay All When you or your customer views a list of open receivables that are available to pay, you can now click Pay All to have them all selected and totaled up for a single payment to be made.
iPad and Tablet Sales Register Improvements We changed the design of the Sales Register for Tablet and iPad users to make the list easier to view and manage.
Changing Payment Method If you’re processing credit cards in AccountEdge Cloud, you can now change the card type/method and add a new credit card to replace an existing one while you are processing a payment. You’re customers will be able to do the same if you gave them access to Web Pay.

January 16, 2016

Lead Tracking This feature and the other Lead features require AccountEdge Pro 2016. Create and sync Leads between AccountEdge Cloud and AccountEdge Pro. Leads can be converted to Customers either manually or automatically when a quote is converted to an invoice. You'll notice that in Sales you'll see the tab for Customers has changed to be Contacts. Then under Contacts, we will All Contacts, Customers and Leads.
Lead and Customer Since When Leads or Customers are created they are tagged with a date so that you can see when you created a new lead and when they were converted to a customer.
Lead Status Set the status of the Lead based on the Lead Status list created in AccountEdge Pro. For example, you may tag a lead as being Hot, Warm, Cold, To be Followed Up, etc.
Sales Window Updated The sales window has been tweaked a bit so that we can fit more onto the window without you needing to scroll.
Sales Register Printing Based on customer requests, we made the Sales Register printable. Nothing fancy here. Just a print out of what is being displayed in the Sales Register based on your filters. There's a new Print icon on the top right corner of the window.
Quantity on Hand Issue Fixed We fixed a problem where the Quantity on Hand wouldn't be updated if you deleted a sale until after you completed a sync.
Syncing Voided Transactions A credit card payment that is synced to AccountEdge Pro and then voided will be updated in AccountEdge Cloud to indicate that the payment was voided.
More Mobile Interface Goodness The sales register and other windows have been updated for mobile devices to make them easier to view and work in. For example the sales register will show minimal information in order to fit more lines on the screen.
Other Issues Addressed We also fixed up a bunch of small issues that you probably didn't even notice.

December 31 2015:

Choosing Shipping Addresses You can now choose which address to use as the shipping address on sales. Choose between any of the available addresses for a customer. You can also choose an address from another customer card if you are drop shipping, etc. When creating a sale, the customers shipping address will be used unless one is not available, otherwise the Billing Address will be used. There is a video available that further details this feature here.
PDFs Include Both Shipping and Billing Addresses The PDF of the sales forms now include the billing and shipping address. The shipping address will be the one that was chosen on the sale.
Setting Default Deposit Account AccountEdge Cloud will pick up and use your default linked Undeposited Funds account to use when a payment is received and synced to AccountEdge Pro. This setting can be changed under Settings/General in AccountEdge Cloud. There is a video available that further details this feature here.
Retaining Filters on Sales Register Filters that are set on the Sales Register will be retained if you click on one of the tiles (Quotes, Orders, Invoices, etc) as well as if you drill into a sale and go back to the Sales Register.
Mobile Interface Changes Made several usability changes to sales and the sales register to support the new sales register and sales window for mobile users.
Issues Fixed Addressed several other minor issues including new customers not syncing if no address or contact information was added.

December 9 2015:

Customers Can Pay You Online with Web Pay With AccountEdge Pro v2016 and an AccountEdge Merchant Account, your customers can log into a secure My Account page to pay their invoices and open receivables online. The My Account page can be customized with your logo and color scheme. A Pay Now button can be included on your emails to take them to their My Account page to create a password and login. Invoices with Pay Now links can also be emailed from AccountEdge Pro and Basic. To allow a customer to pay you online, you can either send them an Invite from the customer record or choose the Web Pay option while creating a sale. There is a video available that details the feature here.
Sales Register The Sales Register now has new filters and easy ways to sort on Quotes, Invoices, Drafts, Orders and Past Due sales. You can now also filter by customer, date range and status (Open/Closed) and by type of transaction. The new sales register also displays a column for Due Date and Status. There is a video available that details the feature here.
Open Receivables Synced From AccountEdge v2016 In the new Sales Register you can view open receivables synced from AccountEdge. By clicking on the sales, you'll see a summary of the invoice including due date, amount open, etc. There is a video that details the feature available here.
Customer Payments With AccountEdge Pro v2016, you can now record payments from customers against an open invoice or receivable. You can do this from the Sales Register by clicking on an open receivable and select a payment or you can choose New Trasaction and choose Customer Payment. There is a video that details the feature available here.
Customer Balance On a customer record, you'll now see the customers open balance. By clicking this amount, you'll be taken to a list of open receivables that you can create payments against.
5 Sets of Contact Details Per Customer AccountEdge Cloud will now sync all 5 sets of contact details and addresses from AccountEdge Pro. This also includes multiple phone numbers, web site address, etc.
More Efficient Item Levels Sync/td> Syncing inventory levels is quicker. Only items who's quantities have changed or other item details that have changed will be synced instead of the entire quantity list.
Deleting Transactions and Records Transactions that are deleted in AccountEdge Pro/Basic or customer records, jobs, etc. will be deleted in AccountEdge Cloud during a sync.
Issues Fixed Many Minor Issues Have Also Been Addressed

July 2015:

Direct Sync AccountEdge now syncs directly with AccountEdge Cloud without the need for Dropbox. AccountEdge Cloud users will no longer need to choose to sync transactions after creating them. Any changes or transactions in AccountEdge Cloud will be synced once someone chooses to sync from AccountEdge Pro.
Migrating From using Dropbox to Direct Sync For existing cloud users, once the new version is installed, upon your first sync, we'll notify you that we will be migrating you to Direct Sync. We'll first ask you to enter your AccountEdge Cloud credentials and upon first since we'll download any unsynced transactions in Dropbox and remove the "device" from your Dropbox account. After this, we'll sync down any unsynced transactions still in AccountEdge Cloud and re-sync all of your data.
Faster Sync Times With Direct Sync, you'll experience faster sync times especially after your initial sync. Syncing has also become more efficient as we track more changes to data and only sync up what's changed instead of full lists up to Dropbox as we have in the past. Syncing is also faster for those user with larger company files.
Convert Quotes to Orders to Invoices Quotes created in AccountEdge Cloud can be converted to orders or invoices. Even if the quote has been synced to AccountEdge Pro, the quote can be converted to an invoice. Once a quote or order is synced, if an AccountEdge Pro user converts that quote or order to an invoice, AccountEdge Cloud will now receive this update as well to keep that sale's status in sync.
Changes to Sales Kept in Sync Quotes, Orders and Invoices originating from AccountEdge Cloud will be updated with any changes made from AccountEdge Pro. For example, a quote created in AccountEdge Cloud but had it's content updated from AccountEdge Pro will be synced back to AccountEdge Cloud.
Payments and Amount Due Synced Back to AccountEdge Cloud If a payment has been applied to a sale that originated in AccountEdge Cloud, even if the payment was made in AccountEdge Pro, the Amount Due will be kept in sync with AccountEdge Cloud. For example, if you create a sale in AccountEdge Cloud and a payment was applied to it in AccountEdge Pro, that Amount Due will updated to Cloud during the next sync.
Inventory Levels
  • Inventory Levels are now sent to AccountEdge Cloud. When creating a sale or order, you will see the quantity on hand for an item in the select from list.
  • When recording an invoice, if there is not a sufficient quantity on hand to record the invoice, a warning will be given allowing the user to choose to create an order instead.
  • The Quantity on Hand level will take into account any sales already created in AccountEdge Cloud but not yet synced to AccountEdge Pro. Once sales are synced, the inventory levels will be updated in AccountEdge Cloud.
Items List We now include an Items List in AccountEdge Cloud where you can view basic information about your items including On Hand Qty, Available, On Order, Committed and Average Cost.
Billing Rate Levels All billing rate levels including custom rate levels are available for use in AccountEdge Cloud. You can create custom billing rate levels for your employees, customers and activities to be applied on Slips. The default level will be used based on the selection on the Activity in AccountEdge Pro.
Insert Header By inserting a header within the body of your invoice, you can create sections. For example you may want to have a section for time and another for material.
Insert Subtotal You can now add a subtotal within the body of your sales. This will subtotal the lines above up and works great with inserting headers to create sections within your invoice.
Insert Blank Line You can now insert a blank line to separate out section of your sales. For example you may wish to have some space between a subtotal and a header line.
Choose Billing Rate Level While on an activity slip, you can now choose the billing rate level you would like to apply including Customer, Employee or Activity Rate Level as well as any custom rate levels.
Email Preferences You can now set a default From Alias, Reply-To, CC as well as an Email Signature for your emails.
Emailing Contacts On customer records you can now click an Email icon to send an email to your contact. You will also see a new Email column in the Customer List with the same email icon to send emails.
User Sales Employee Users can now view all sales created by other users.
Serial Number Support Added for Canada Serial numbers can be created and added to serialized items for those using AccountEdge Pro 2015 for Canada.
Payment Details Windows Updated This window now also contains Sale Amount, Amount Applied (from AccountEdge Cloud or AccountEdge Pro) and Balance Due.
Select From List Enhancements We've updated how the Select From List drop downs work to make it easier to search.
Sorting of Customers The customer list is now sorted by Last Name, First Name.
Sorting of Sales List The sales list is now sorted by date and then invoice number keeping the most recent sale at the top. Master Items (those with variations) will not show in the Select From List on Sales since they cannot be sold.
Save as Draft Message When Leaving a Window If you are creating a transaction and click on a link to leave the window, you will be asked if you would like to save the transaction as a Draft.
User Entered Rate on Slips When a user overrides a rate, we will display User Entered Rate which will be synced to AccountEdge so that you can tell that a rate was overwritten.
Click to Drill Down On the Customer, Jobs, Activity Slip and Sales lists, you can simply click anywhere on a line to drill down to the record. You no longer need to click the drill down arrow.
Last Sync Date We've added a Last Sync date to the employee list.
Issues Fixed
  • Fixed an issue with selecting a saved Sales Note.
  • When using Create Copy, you were unable to delete lines from this new copy of a sale. Other Create Copy issues were also resolved.
  • We fixed an issues when multiple currency support is enabled in AccountEdge Pro, where currencies were not displayed on the customer records and other issues with creating foreign currency transactions.
  • Fixed an issue where a default salesperson could not be removed while creating a new sale.
  • Addressed issues having to do with creating too many serial numbers on a sale.
  • We've added interface improvements for use on iPhones, Android and other mobile devices.
  • When AccountEdge Cloud is left idle in your browser for a longer period of time, your session was closed. If you had a transaction not yet recorded, you would loose your work.
  • Addressed an issue where a new customer created in AccountEdge Cloud where a default Sales Comment was added, that comment was not being populated on new sales.
  • Fixed an issue where employee default rates were not automatically added under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed some spacing inconsistencies on PDFs of Invoices having to do with the From and To Addresses.
  • Credit Memos can now also contain a commission which essentially is a negative commission.
  • Fixed an issue with Credit Memo's and taxes.
  • Default Freight Tax Code on a given customer is now properly used on new sales in AccountEdge Cloud.
  • When syncing a time billing type sale, where some lines were taxed and others were not, some users reported receiving a -29 Invalid Tax Amount error upon sync.
  • Fixed an problem where the Sync All button would sometimes not sync all sales in the list.
  • Commission Earned field was not being displayed properly on the Commission window on a sale.
  • Addressed several interface and font alignment issues on Windows browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first four commission rate levels were being displayed.
  • When sending an email to a customer, on Windows, the email signature was not left justified. We fixed that.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an employee on a timesheet in the search field would take you to the employee list and not filter the results.
  • Addressed an problem when entering a payment method but not selecting it from the list would not use the correct method and not display the corresponding payment fields.

March 2015:

Save as Draft We’ve added a feature that will let you save a transaction as a draft. Drafts can’t be synced. Think of them as transactions that are a work in progress. You can create drafts of sales, time sheets and activity slips and when you’re ready you can record them and sync them.
Send Feedback through the Welcome Menu If you have any feature requests or suggestions in general, choose this option to send them along to our development team. We would love your feedback.
Added Support for UK version of AccountEdge 2015 AccountEdge Cloud is now ready for the UK AccountEdge 2015 product line and will support new features like serial numbers and commission levels.
Support for AccountEdge Basic v4 AccountEdge Cloud is now available to AccountEdge Basic v4 customers. When trying to use a feature not available in AccountEdge Basic a message will indicate that this is a Pro only feature.
Payroll Category Field Now on Time Sheets We’ve added a payroll category field on the time sheet. We missed that one. Sorry.
Job and Item Number List Changes We’ve changed the layout of these lists so that you can see more of the item/job numbers and names which is helpful for those that have long numbers and names.
Sales Filters An issue filtering the sales register when sorting by invoice number or date has been resolved where sales were not showing when sorted.
iOS Interface Adjustments We continued to address and improve on how AccountEdge Cloud is displayed on both iPads and iPhones.
Jobs List on Activity Slips When editing a record activity slip, the jobs list wouldn’t display available jobs to choose. We fixed it.

February 2015:

What's New: Most of this release was dedicated to making AccountEdge Cloud responsive for mobile phones and tablets. We've also added a new feature called Create Copy as well as a bunch of bug fixes.
Responsive design for Tablets and Phones We’ve rolled out a new design for those who wish to access AccountEdge Cloud from their mobile devices. A new interface will be displayed depending on if you’re accessing from a iPad, iPhone or other tablet and mobile phone devices.
More Button On the bottom of saved Sales a More button provides access to features like Credit Memos, Create Copy, Email Invoice, PDF, etc.
Create Copy From a new More button on the bottom of sales, you can create a copy of an existing sale. This is helpful for repurposing an existing detailed sale or quote. This will create a sale with the details from the original but for a different customer. The tax code will be picked up from the newly selected customer. You’ll have the option to use the customer's default settings (price level, discount, comment, salesperson, etc).
Support for AccountEdge Basic v4 AccountEdge Cloud is now available to AccountEdge Basic v4 customers. When trying to use a feature not available in AccountEdge Basic a message will indicate that this is a Pro only feature.
Progress Spinners We’ve added progress spinners that indicate when a list is being generated so when there is a slow connection or a very long list being created you’ll know that the app is still working.
Continue to Login Even if Connection to Dropbox is Lost If for some reason Dropbox is down, their API is having issues, or any other reason why AccountEdge Cloud can't reach Dropbox, you’ll still be able to login to get work done.
Activity Slip List Missing Newly Created Slips We fixed an issue where a slip that has been created doesn’t show up in the list of Unsynced slips.
Payment Dates to Match Invoice Date When creating a sale, if you change the sale date, any payment created at that point will use the same date as the invoice date.
Feature Videos The What’s New listing will now display feature videos to give you an overview of new enhancements. You can scroll back to older releases to see related features as well. Checkout the AccountEdge YouTube channel for additional videos.
Interface and Alignment Issues Patched up some minor alignment issues on various screens and continued to refine the interface.

November 2014:

What's New: We’ve added many new features and enhancements and also released a handful of new videos on the AccountEdge Cloud Youtube Channel.
Volume Discount You can now apply a discount on a line of an Item Sale. A default volume discount rate will be in sync with the customer record in AccountEdge and automatically apply this default if applicable to the customer. Users can also view and set this discount on the Customer record within AccountEdge Cloud.
Credit Memos and Returns AccountEdge Cloud now supports the new Credit Memo sale type that was introduced in AccountEdge 2014 (UK version will support this feature in 2015). Users can create Credit Memos by choosing Credit Memo from the sale type drop down menu. Returns/Credit Memos can also be created by clicking a Create Credit Memo button on existing sales within AccountEdge Cloud. This creates will create a Credit Memo with the same information, items, amounts found on the original sale.
Custom Transaction Numbers You can now have AccountEdge assign invoice, payments and activity slip numbers during a sync or use custom transaction numbers. With Custom Transaction Numbers, you can assign a starting number as well as a two character prefix to help you identify AccountEdge Cloud transactions in AccountEdge.
Customer Terms The terms given to a customer in AccountEdge are now viewable and editable on customer record. Terms are now synced back and forth between AccountEdge and AccountEdge Cloud. Users can also set the default credit terms while creating a new customer.
Price Levels on Customers Price Levels are now displayed on customer records. The price level can also be set when creating or editing a customer.
New Administrator Settings Design Redesigned the Administrator Settings. To get to Settings, choose Settings from the Welcome menu.
Non Amount Sales Line Make your invoices more detailed. Add a $0 line to a sales transaction to add additional description.
How-To Videos and New Features From the Welcome menu, you can now choose How-To Videos and What’s New to learn about new features. New videos will be added regularly providing an easy way to learn how to use AccountEdge Cloud.
Job IDs are Unique When creating a new job, AccountEdge Cloud will ensure that the ID is unique preventing duplicates.
Interface Updated for Tablets Several interface enhancements have been made for iPad and Android tablets.
Sorting of Sales and Customers Addressed issues with sorting in the sales and customer lists.
Duplicate Customers Addressed an issue where a duplicate customer could be created when syncing a sale to a new customer but not syncing the new customer.
Other Other minor issues and enhancements have also been included.

August 2014:

What's New: We’ve been busy adding enhancements to AccountEdge Cloud - US.New in AccountEdge CA 2014 - AccountEdge Cloud in Canada incorporates all of the AccountEdge Cloud US Features and the additional features listed below:
Canada and UK Support AccountEdge Cloud is now available for AccountEdge 2014 users in Canada and the UK.
Custom Transaction Numbers You can now have AccountEdge assign invoice, payments and activity slip numbers during a sync or use custom transaction numbers. With Custom Transaction Numbers, you can assign a starting number as well as a two character prefix to help you identify AccountEdge Cloud transactions in AccountEdge.
Price Levels on Customers Price Levels are now displayed on customer records. The price level can also be set when creating or editing a customer.
Sorting of Sales and Customers Addressed issues with sorting in the sales and customer lists.
New Admin Settings Design Redesigned the Administrator Settings. To get to Settings, choose Settings from the Welcome menu.
Duplicate Customers Addressed an issue where a duplicate customer could be created when syncing a sale to a new customer but not syncing the new customer.
Other Many other minor issues have also been addressed as well.
Multi-Currency Support AccountEdge Cloud can now handle sales in other currencies. Customers with a non-local currency will still by synced with AE Cloud and be able to be used. (NOTE: This is not available in the US)

June 2014:

What's New: The following AccountEdge Cloud enhancements have been released in June 2014. They are available through AccountEdge Pro US 2014, and will be available through AccountEdge Pro Canadian in July 2014.
Price Levels and Quantity Price Breaks The full price matrix from AccountEdge is now synced to AccountEdge Cloud for use on invoices. Customer price levels and custom quantity price breaks (for items) are also utilized.
Customer Terms Customer sales terms are now used on sales created in AccountEdge Cloud and can be overwritten using a variety of different terms types.
Expandable Sales Lines When entering a description on a sale, the field will expand to display all of the contents of the description without needing to scroll or drill into the line on the sale.
Refresh Lists Users now have the ability to easily refresh the Customer and Jobs lists with the latest data on Dropbox using a new Refresh List button without having to go to the Sync window.
Drilling into Sales From Sync List While on the Sync List, you can open and view the sales details by clicking on the sale and sync it from sales view itself.
Employee Last Name Addressed an issue where Activity Slips could be saved with an incorrect employee last name.
Time Billing Invoice Description Fields The time billing invoice description field now expands to make it easier to enter and edit a longer description.
iPad Layout Updated AccountEdge Cloud has been optimized further for use on Safari on an iPad. Formatting has been improved.
Starting on the Select Customer Field When creating a new sale, the Select Customer field is the active field making it easy to immediately start typing to select your customer.
Adjusted Address Fields on PDFs The customers address lines will now wrap if they are longer than the space provided.
Debit Card Payment Type When using a payment type of Debit Card, you can now enter the Name on Card, Last 4 Digits of the Card and Exp. Date.
Time Billing Sale Date Today's date will now be pre-filled when adding a line on a time billing sale.
Accented Characters Addressed an issue where certain accented letters were not supported and not synced to AccountEdge.

April 2014:

What's New: The 25 April 2014 AccountEdge Cloud update includes a set of significant enhancements. (You may need to refresh your browser's cache to see all the changes, depending upon your platform and browser.)
Searching Searching is enhanced in all "Select from Lists". E.g., Searching on "Smith" will return Mary Smith, Smith Electronics, etc.
Customers You can now quickly add a customer while creating a new Sale.
Invoices PDF forms are now specific for Invoices, Quotes or Orders.
Emailing Invoices Newly designed Sales Invoice PDFs.
Emailing Invoices Emailing of Sales PDFs gives you the ability to choose an email address, add cc: emails, change the message and subject lines.
Emailing Invoices Add an email address to a customer record while emailing a Sale.
Item Sales Add a percentage discount to a line on an Item Sale.
Item Sales Partial quantities are now supported on Item Sales.
Service Sales A customers default income account from AccountEdge will now be used on Service Sales.
Multicurrency Foreign customer records will now be available in the Customer List (requires an update to AccountEdge Pro coming shortly).
Visual Many interface changes and redesigns across all platforms including iOS 7.
AccountEdge UK Support for customers using the UK version of AccountEdge.
Other Many other enhancements and defects have been addressed.