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  • Section: AccountEdge Connect
  • Last updated: June 3, 2019, 4:22 p.m.

Syncing with AccountEdge Connect


Beginning with AccountEdge 2015 we stopped using Dropbox to sync and have instead moved to a Direct Sync method.

All syncing between AccountEdge Connect and AccountEdge Desktop occurs on the AccountEdge Desktop side - there is nothing that needs to be done in AccountEdge Connect (aside from entering new information) to sync.

AccountEdge Desktop has two sync options for syncing with AccountEdge Connect, standard sync and force sync.

What Syncs Between AccountEdge Connect and Desktop

When you initially sync between AccountEdge Desktop and AccountEdge Connect all cards, items, sales (closed, open and credit memos), and purchases (closed, open, and debit memos). This last option (purchases) is only available on the latest version of the software (AccountEdge 2016).

Orders and Quotes (both purchases and sales), activity slips, and payments (receive money and spend money transactions) are not synced from AccountEdge Desktop to AccountEdge Connect.

Syncing Options

Standard Sync

You can perform a standard sync in AccountEdge in several ways.

  • Option 1:
    1. Go to Setup > AccountEdge Connect> Manage AccountEdge Connect from the menu bar at the top of the screen
    2. Click Sync
  • Option 2: Click Sync > AccountEdge Connect from the bottom of the AccountEdge Command Center
  • Option 3: Click the AccountEdge Connect icon in the upper right of the command center window (just to the right of Card File)

The standard sync will sync and new changes (cards created in AccountEdge Connect or Desktop since the last sync, sales and activity slips created in AccountEdge Connect syncing down to AccountEdge Desktop, etc).

Force Sync

Force Sync in AccountEdge can only be accomplished in one way. To Force Sync:

  1. Go to Setup > AccountEdge Connect > Manage AccountEdge Connect from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click Force Sync

When you force sync in AccountEdge all of your transactions (Sales, Activity Slips, etc.) will remain in AccountEdge Connect.

What Force Sync does is is repopulate Connect with all of your current master list information (Customers, Items, etc.

AccountEdge Desktop also allows you to unlink from AccountEdge Connect. When you do this and then relink, all information is removed from AccountEdge Connect and any unsynced information from Connect will be lost.

When you relink - it's as though you have never linked to two pieces before. Please see this section to find what syncs between AccountEdge Connect and Desktop.

You can unlink AccountEdge Desktop and AccountEdge Connect by:

  1. Go to Setup > AccountEdge Connect > Manage AccountEdge Connect from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click Unlink