• Section: AccountEdge Connect
  • Last updated: June 3, 2019, 4:33 p.m.

Troubleshooting AccountEdge Connect Syncing Issues


When syncing AccountEdge Desktop with AccountEdge Connect information that was created in AccountEdge Desktop (cards, items, jobs, etc) is synced to AccountEdge Connect and information from AccountEdge Connect (cards, sales, activity slips, etc) is synced down to AccountEdge Desktop.

Error Messages

When using AccountEdge Direct Sync there are two common error messages that you can receive.

Error 1: Different Company File Names

This message indicates that the Company File you are attempting to sync with AccountEdge Connect is different from the one that last synced with AccountEdge Connect.

Possible Causes:

  • You will receive this message if you have multiple company files and you attempt to sync them to the same Connect account.
  • You will also receive this message if you adjust the information in the Company Information screen within AccountEdge Desktop (Setup > Company Information). Changing the FILE name will have no impact – it’s only the Company Name in the Company Information window that impacts this.

You are given two options when receiving this message – Cancel or Ok. If you click OK all data from AccountEdge Connect will be removed and replaced with the info in AccountEdge Desktop. You will have to reactivate any users you have – their accounts will be inactive due to the sync.

If you click Cancel the data will not be removed. You can then continue syncing with your correct file or adjust the Company Information to the original name.

Error 2: Same Company File Names

This message indicates that you are using the same Company File, but the information in it is different then the last one you synced.

Possible Causes:

  • Restoring a backup of the Company File will cause this to occur
  • Unlinking AccountEdge Connect and then relinking AccountEdge Connect to the same file will cause this to occur

This will also remove all data from Connect and replace it with the information in AccountEdge Desktop. Unfortunately, if you have already unlinked (and didn’t backup before doing so) there’s no way to relink without removing the Connect information.

Item Price Levels and AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect should respect the item price levels and quantity breaks as set in AccountEdge Desktop. So, for instance, if you offer a discounted price to customers who buy 5 of an item and these details are set on the item in AccountEdge Desktop you should also be able to create an invoice in AccountEdge Connect that respects these discounted prices.

To troubleshoot this problem, you can follow the instructions on this page to export your items. Verify that the quantity and item breaks are actually set up properly in the export. If they are not, you can adjust them and then reimport your items.

Information Not Syncing Between AccountEdge Connect and AccountEdge Desktop

If information is not syncing between AccountEdge Connect and AccountEdge Desktop there are several things we want to consider.

What is it that is not syncing? Does anything sync properly?

One thing to remember is that not everything from AccountEdge Desktop is going to sync up to AccountEdge Connect. For instance, sales that are created in AccountEdge Desktop are not going to sync up to AccountEdge Connect. On the other hand, sales created in AccountEdge Connect will sync down to AccountEdge Desktop. Cards that are created in either place should sync to the other.

Are you receiving any error messages?

There are several error messages that can be generated during the sync. Common ones include:

  • 401 Error: This means that the user name and password are incorrect OR the account was never activated. When signing up for AccountEdge Connect you have two syncing options that you can choose. If you choose the Dropbox sync method but are on a newer version of AccountEdge that uses Direct Sync this will happen
  • 404 Error: This can indicate that the AccountEdge Connect server may be down. You can contact us (Monday-Friday 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern Monday-Friday at 800-322-6962 if this is the case)

Can you go to the web and do a test search?

We are relying on the ability of your machine to connect to the AccountEdge Connect server. If you have trouble with your internet connection this will cause syncing problems.

Has the sync ever worked properly?

Something specific to this machine (a Firewall or Antivirus) may be occurring if this never worked. It may be worth trying on another machine if you have one.

strong>What email address is AccountEdge Desktop Linked To?

You want to confirm that the email in Setup > AccountEdge Connect > Manage AccountEdge Connect properly matches the information that is being used to log in to AccountEdge Connect on the web. The information that shows in the Setup window should match the Administrator log in for AccountEdge Connect (the email that you used to sign up for AccountEdge Connect.

What Operating System are you using?

AccountEdge Connect Direct Sync requires users to be on at least OS X 10.8. Earlier OS versions have an encryption issue that will prevent proper sync.

Troubleshooting Process

After we’ve confirmed that the above issues are not the problem we can proceed to troubleshooting sync.

  1. Make a Backup of the Company File in AccountEdge
  2. Create a test entry in Connect for whatever isn’t syncing (ie: create a customer, create an activity slip, create a sale, item – whatever isn’t syncing properly)
  3. Attempt to sync – does this work?
  4. If this is not a transaction (ie: if it’s a card, item, job) – create the entry in Desktop and sync. Does this go up to Connect?
  5. If nothing is syncing properly attempt to Force Sync. Does this sync properly?
  6. If this still doesn’t sync properly you can try to unlink and relink. Please know that unlinking and relinking will clear all data from AccountEdge Connect. If there are any entries in Connect that have not been synced down to desktop these will be removed. You can print from Connect to PDF to save record copies before syncing – but there’s no way to save these entries. All user accounts will be deactivated and will need to be activated again by the Administrator
  7. If none of these issues resolve the syncing problem please contact us and let us know - the more detail you can provide the better we can help