• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Dec. 14, 2019, 5:50 p.m.

AccountEdge Cloud Desktop Performance

Many situations can effect performance of your Cloud Desktop and AccountEdge including:

Internet Connection and Display Lagging

If you find that the display lags when opening and closing windows or moving your mouse, this is typically an issue with your internet connection. If you have a slow connection, you may wish to edit your display settings within the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software.

For Windows users, you can reduce the Color Depth setting under the Display tab as well as the settings found under the Experience tab where you have the option to detect connection automatically or set to a specific internet connection speed. This will reduce the quality of the display but may improve any lagging effects you have when using a slow connection.

For Mac users, you can change the Color Quality and experiment with disabling the Optimize for Retina Displays setting.

AccountEdge Performance

You can think of your AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktop as a single PC server in the cloud. All of your AccountEdge Hosted users reside on this single hosted server and each take up resources of the server while logged in. Each time a user opens AccountEdge, they are using up resources (RAM, Processor, etc.) for this one server.

If you have a large company file (size of file) or a file with thousands of items, customers, jobs, etc.) this can impact the performance of AccountEdge. Depending your needs, you may elect to add additional resources to your cloud desktop server for an additional, but reasonable, monthly charge. This can be added and removed at any time. We can assist you in determining if additional RAM, vCPU’s or upgrading to a SSD drive will improve your performance.

Other Applications and Microsoft Office

If you’re using additional applications including Open Office or have subscribed to a Microsoft Office plan for your cloud desktop, using those applications may impact the performance of your cloud desktop server.

If multiple user are using the cloud desktop server at the same time and each have Outlook open or Excel, etc. you may find that the performance of AccountEdge is impacted. In this case it is recommended that additional resources be added to your AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktop account including additional RAM and/or vCPU’s. This can be added at any time for nominal additional monthly fee. Once added, these resources can also be removed at any time.