• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Jan. 15, 2020, 12:56 p.m.

How Many Devices Can I Use To Access my AccountEdge Hosted Cloud Desktop?

When you subscribe to the AccountEdge Hosted service, you'll receive credentials to log into your cloud desktop account. Each user needing access would need their own cloud desktop account if you have multiple employees using AccountEdge.

Once you have your credentials for your user account, you can set up multiple devices to connect to your cloud desktop. For example, you might set up a connection to your cloud desktop from your laptop but also a tablet and your home Mac or PC all using the same user credentials. You can however only have one device connected to your cloud desktop account at the same time. If multiple people need access, each will require their own cloud desktop.

Any device that supports Microsoft Remote Desktop can be connected to your cloud desktop. This includes Windows PCs, Macs, most phones, tablets and Chromebooks.

You can follow the instructions for setting up devices to connect to your cloud desktop from Setting up AccountEdge Hosted Connections.