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  • Last updated: May 17, 2022, 5:52 p.m.

How to Remove Locked Files on AccountEdge Hosted

How to Remove Locked Files on AccountEdge Hosted


If AccountEdge Pro crashes or closes out improperly it can cause an issue with lingering lock files. Lock files are created when you log in to the company file and should be deleted automatically when you quit out of the software. If the software is terminated improperly (ie: it crashes) those lock files will not be cleared and the program will think you are still logged into the file even though you are not.

You can resolve this by:

1. Having everyone log out of the data file. Open the folder that contains the company file. Delete any .flk files that you find (access####.flk or lock####.flk files).

2. Restart the virtual server through the control panel login.

Image of AccountEdge with the Restart button being emphasized in the lower left corner

Deleting a Lock File

  1. Ensure that all users have logged out of AccountEdge Pro.
  2. Click Start > Power > Restart to restart the server.
  3. Once the desktop begins to restart, the remote connection will be disconnected. After the desktop has had time to restart, reconnect via Remote Desktop. Once reconnected, you will be able to delete the lock files.
  4. Open File Explorer and navigate to the location of the company file. (you can also use “Company Data Audtior” to find the location of your AE Company file, this is where lock files live as well – Company Data Auditor can be found once you log into your AccountEdge and main window click on Accounts > Company Data Auditor – click on “File Location” link)
  5. Image of a highlighted .flk file
  6. Delete any .flk file(s). Right click and choose Delete.
  7. Once the lock files have been removed, all users may sign in.