• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Dec. 14, 2019, 5:55 p.m.

Installing AccountEdge Updates on Your AccountEdge Hosted Cloud Desktop

Once you are setup with an AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktop, your AccountEdge Pro software will be installed for you with the latest update.

After that point, you have the option to install or not install updates just as if this was your local PC/Mac. Use the Check for Updates function from the Help menu to verify that you have the latest update. You will also be notified when updates are available (unless you have turned this feature off from within AccountEdge from Preferences). Payroll Tax Updates will be delivered in the same method for those subscribed to a Payroll Tax Plan.

When installing an update, you'll want to ask other users to quit out of AccountEdge. If you install an update while other users have AccountEdge opened, you will need to ask them to log out and then using your Admin cloud desktop account to restart your cloud desktop server (from the Start menu) for the update to be reflected. If you see in the About AccountEdge window (from the Help menu) that the update wasn't installed, you should restart your server and check again.

You can elect when and if you would like to install updates to the Windows software on your Cloud Desktop. Our hosting partner Apps4Rent may contact you about any required Windows updates including security updates and may assist you with installing such updates.

AccountEdge Pro upgrades and licensing is sold in the same way as if used locally. When an upgrade is available we will contact you via email and the software may also notify you when an upgrade is available. You have the option to purchase an upgrade where you will be able to download and install the upgrade on your own. We can also provide assistance installing your AccountEdge Pro software if necessary.