• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Dec. 14, 2019, 5:20 p.m.

Sign-out vs Disconnect vs Shut Down Your AccountEdge Hosted Cloud Desktop

When you are done using the virtual desktop, you have 2 options from the start menu. You can disconnect or sign out.

Disconnect keeps the user's desktop session active which can be useful if you are performing a task but need to close your connection to your virtual desktop (you're going to lunch, need to restart your computer, etc). Otherwise it's recommended that you use Sign Out when leaving the virtual desktop.

Using Sign Out will free up resources for other users and may also be more secure.

Admin Users Additional Options

Restart and Shutdown

An Admin user has the additional options to restart or shut down.

Restart should only be done once all other users are signed out of their virtual desktop accounts and have AccountEdge shut down. You will see a warning about other users being connected.

Shut Down

This admin only option will shut down the virtual server and disconnect all users. To restart your virtual server, you will need to log into the Control Panel portal with the URL below using your panel credentials provided.


For more information on how to restart, start and shut down your cloud desktop virtual machine, please see the following knowledge base article on using the Control Panel portal.