• Section: AccountEdge Hosted
  • Last updated: Dec. 14, 2019, 5:30 p.m.

Suggested Remote Desktop Settings for Mac

The following are the suggested settings for Mac users connecting to AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktop. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop and edit your remote desktop connection.

The following video covers setting up your connection to your cloud desktop using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Setting up your connection

Display Tab

  • Uncheck Start Session in Full Screen
  • Choose Color Quality High
  • Choose Optimize for Retina Displays (you may wish to test this enabled and disabled depending on your display)
  • Choose Update the session resolution on resize
  • Devices and Audio Tab

    Choose Printers and Clipboard so that you can copy and paste as well as print to a local printer that your Mac has access to.

    Folders Tab

    If you would like to share a folder with your cloud desktop to copy and paste files to and from your cloud desktop, open the Choose the Folders tab and click the + button and choose the folder you wish to share with your cloud desktop.