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  • Section: AccountEdge Mobile
  • Last updated: June 26, 2019, 1:22 p.m.

About Dropbox

Why Dropbox and Why Not iCloud?

We choose to use a company like Dropbox for a variety of reasons including the tools needed to sync between a mobile device and AccountEdge. The solution also had to be both Mac and Windows friendly. At the time of developing AccountEdge Mobile, Dropbox provided the tools that we needed. Besides being used by millions of individuals and businesses, Dropbox also provides a free account to customers with plenty of space to support the data we sync.

At the time we were creating AccountEdge Mobile iCloud did not exist. iCloud is also not a replacement for Dropbox). Although we are following the developments of iCloud to see if this would be a viable solution for our Mac and Windows customers, at this time it isn't designed in a way that would work with how AccountEdge and AccountEdge Mobile sync and interact.

One issue we found straight away is that AccountEdge is designed to support multiple mobile users. iCloud is tied to your iTunes account and meant for an individual. You can't have a single computer syncing to multiple iCloud accounts and you can't have a single mobile device accessing multiple iCloud accounts (your personal account and your company's account).

Although it may be possible to use iCloud to sync AccountEdge and AccountEdge Mobile for a single user with a single mobile device, the syncing and interaction would have to be re-written which is large project. Until we see that this would be a viable solution for both our Windows and Mac customers and provide some methods for dealing with multiple users who each have their own iCloud account, Acclivity will be holding off from implementing an iCloud sync.