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  • Section: AccountEdge Mobile
  • Last updated: June 26, 2019, 12:40 p.m.

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Dropbox Technology

AccountEdge Pro was developed to use the capability of two-way Dropbox syncing, which is the backbone of AccountEdge Mobile. In order to make your AccountEdge data available to your mobile devices, you must make those data securely available on the web. To achieve the goals of mobility with security, we partnered with Dropbox to be the backbone of AccountEdge Mobile. A Dropbox account is required. To get a free account, go to Drop Box (https://www.dropbox.com/). Also see About Dropbox.

Using Dropbox

You don't need to install Dropbox on your computer to link your AccountEdge company file and sync with AccountEdge Mobile. However, to appreciate the additional capabilities Dropbox offers, you can install the application and enjoy free cloud storage as well as other features. The one important thing to keep in mind though, is that you want to be careful not to edit, remove, delete or add additional files to the AccountEdge directory in your Dropbox account. This directory contains the master lists (the lists from your company file) that sync to AccountEdge Mobile and any transactions and new data that are being sent to and from AccountEdge.

Linking to Dropbox

A Company File is connected through AccountEdge, to a single Dropbox account by Devices. Multiple user mobile devices can be linked to a single Dropbox account. Using Devices is one way to control access to the data of a company file. This is set from the Manage AccountEdge Mobile area of the AccountEdge company file.

The Devices feature can also be used to access different company files within a single Dropbox acount. In this case, while in the the Manage AccountEdge Mobile area of each AccountEdge company file, indicate the same Dropbox account, but create different Device names. On the AccountEdge Mobile device, log in to the desired company file by changing the Device's name. If you are changing files, you will need to log out of one file, in order to change the Device name, and log into the other file(s).

Alternatively, you can access different company files by creating a different, unique Dropbox account for each file. Then indicate Device names associated with each Dropbox account, and ultimately the company file(s).

Windows and Mac Platform Support

AccountEdge Mobile will sync with company files from a Windows AccountEdge, as well as Mac AccountEdge. You can use your iPad and iPhone with Windows-based and Mac-based AccountEdge company files.

Replace Data on the Mobile Device

You can replace the data on your iPad or iPhone by tapping on Settings > Syncing on the AccountEdge Mobile side bar; then selecting Force Sync. This will replace all the information on your device. If you are having trouble, you can also uninstall and reinstall AccountEdge Mobile (removing it from your device(s) and iTunes, then re-downloading it).

Perform A Sync in AccountEdge

Any AccountEdge user that has access to the Manage AccountEdge Mobile window (Setup > AccountEdge Mobile > Manage AccountEdge Mobile) will have the ability to perform a sync, and add and remove devices. You can setup restrictions to this window by AccountEdge user. To do this, select Preferences from the AccountEdge Setup menu. Click the Security tab and then the User IDs button. From this window you can choose users and restrict access to the Setup > Device Manager window.

Using Categories in AccountEdge Pro

If you use Categories in AccountEdge, a feature that is set in Setup > Preferences > System, and you indicate that Categories are Required on All Transactions, transactions recorded in AccountEdge Mobile will be rejected when syncing to the Desktop because they do not include Categories. To enable syncing of AccountEdge Mobile transactions, you can set the preference to use Categories, but indicate they are Not Required.

Syncing with AccountEdge

If someone accidentally deletes data from your Dropbox file, you should simply re-sync from AccountEdge. Data that have not yet been synced by AccountEdge will be lost.

Multiple Mobile Device Support

A single account can accomodate unlimited users (up to your Dropbox space limitation, which can be extended for a small fee). Your data will be found in a folder named AccountEdge. You'll find a sub directory for each device that you create in AccountEdge. These sub directories contain the lists that you selected to Sync for a particular device, as well as any data and transactions that are being synced to and from AccountEdge Mobile.

AccountEdge Mobile with Several Employees

Several employees can have their AccountEdge Mobile devices linked to one company file, without the need for additional AccountEdge (desktop) licenses. When you create the Dropbox account, linking it to one company file, you can then create as many devices as you need, one for every employee. Each device created will be represented by its own folder in the Dropbox/Apps/AccountEdge/ folder. If you don't want your employees to have the Dropbox password, you can enter the account details on their mobile device for them during setup.