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  • Section: AccountEdge Mobile
  • Last updated: June 26, 2019, 12:58 p.m.

AccountEdge Mobile Setup

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1. Get a Free Dropbox Account
AccountEdge uses the capability of Dropbox to sync AccountEdge Mobile Devices to your company file(s). Simply go to https://www.dropbox.com/ and establish an account for yourself. With each email account, you can link different Devices, and company files, as different Devices.

2. Setup your company file for AccountEdge Mobile Devices
While your company file is open in AccountEdge Pro (2013 or Later) or AccountEdge Basic v2 (or Later), select Setup > AccountEdge Mobile > Manage AccountEdge Mobile. Enter your Dropbox account and password. This one account can be used to sync several Mobile Devices to this company file.

3. Link account to Dropbox
Click the Link to Dropbox button. This will open a web page asking you to verify your dropbox information. Once you log in to dropbox and approve this it will create an AccountEdge folder for your lists, on your Dropbox.

4. Add Device
Add the mobile device and device options you intend to link with this company file:

  1. Go to Setup > AccountEdge Mobile > Manage AccountEdge Mobile
  2. Click the Devices tab.
  3. Click The New button at the bottom left
  4. Type in a Device Name (this will have to be entered in EXACTLY on the iOS device - so it's a good idea to make these simple and short)
  5. Click Save.
  6. By default AccountEdge Mobile is going to attempt to sync as much as possible, if you'd like to only have certain things sync you can choose to only select certain things in these lists (ie: only certain customers or only certain items) - once you've made your selections - hit okay.
  7. Click back to the Details tab.

5. Sync to Devices
Press the Sync button to sync this file with the indicated device. This will push information from AccountEdge desktop into dropbox

6. Get the AccountEdge Mobile App
On your iPad or iPhone, download the free iPad or iPhone App from http://www.accountedge.com/mobile/, or the iTunes App Store.

7. Get the Dropbox App
On your iPad or iPhone, download the Dropbox App from the iTunes App Store.

8. Launch the AccountEdge App
On your iPad or iPhone, launch the AccountEdge App.

9. Enter the Device Name
Enter the device name you used in step 4, above. If you do not want to have to type in the exact device name and link to drop box each time - turn on "Remember Device."

AccountEdge Mobile Videos

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AccountEdge Mobile Setup

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