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  • Section: AccountEdge Mobile
  • Last updated: June 26, 2019, 12:35 p.m.

What is AccountEdge Mobile?

About AccountEdge Mobile

AccountEdge Mobile is intended to be a mobile tool for our customers who want to enter their most often recorded transactions while away from the office. AccountEdge Mobile is not a "mobile" version of AccountEdge. AccountEdge comprises over 20 years of development, improvements and enhancements. Cramming all of AccountEdge's technical capabilities into an iPhone or iPad is unrealistic and probably overkill.

Invoicing in AccountEdge Mobile

AccountEdge Mobile currently does not store or track inventory levels. As such, Item Sales can only be created as Orders or Quotes but not Invoices. Once synced to AccountEdge, you can change the Order or Quote to an Invoice at which time the AccountEdge will determine if you have a sufficient quantity on hand. Service and Time Billing sales can be created as either Quotes, Orders or Invoices through AccountEdge Mobile.

Inventory Items on Time Billing Invoices

Entering Inventory Items on Time Billing transactions is not available in AccountEdge Mobile. We hope to include this capability in a future release.

Activity Slips

Activity Slips can be entered from AccountEdge Mobile.

Mileage Slips

Mileage Slips can be entered from AccountEdge Mobile.

AccountEdge Mobile Costs

AccountEdge Mobile is Free. Although we reserve the right to change our minds at some future point, we have no plans to charge for AccountEdge Mobile.

Reports in AccountEdge Mobile

There are no reports in AccountEdge Mobile. All the reports are in AccountEdge. AccountEdge Mobile is meant to help you view lists and enter transactions.

Adding Items and Accounts

The ability to add new Items and Accounts is not available in AccountEdge Mobile. This is not to say that we won't add this functionality in future updates.

Multiple Currencies

AccountEdge Mobile currently does not support multiple currencies. All transactions created in AccountEdge Mobile will be set to your local currency. Cards: Customer, Vendor, etc., that have a foreign currency associated with them will not be synced to your mobile device.