• Section: AccountEdge NE (for macOS 10.15 and higher)
  • Last updated: Sept. 30, 2021, 10:29 a.m.

Uninstalling AccountEdge Network Edition (for macOS 10.15+)

To Remove (Uninstall) AccountEdge Network Edition (for macOS 10.15+):

Uninstalling AccountEdge NE (for macOS 10.15 and higher) entails a different process from previous versions. To help with this process, please follow these steps:

1. Make a backup of your company file(s).

2. Turn off FileConnect (System Preferences/AccountEdge).

3. Delete the following files/folders:
  •           • Library/Application Support/Acclivity (system library)
  •           • Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE (system library)          
    Please Note! Your company file(s) are located within this folder! Make sure you back up your company file(s) in another location before you delete this folder!
  •           • Library/LaunchDaemons/com.acclivity.fileconnect.plist (system library)
  •           • Library/PreferencePanes/AccountEdge.prefpane (system library)
  •           • Applications/AccountEdge NE
  •           • ~/Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE (This is in your user library folder. You may need to hold down the option key and select GO from the Finder menu to access it.)

  • Note: One or more of the above files/folders may not be present on your system. If you don't see one or more of the above files/folders, just proceed to the next file/folder on the above list to delete.

4. Permanently delete the files/folders listed in Step 3 from your trash bin.

5. Reboot your system.