• Section: AccountEdge Pro (for macOS 10.15 and higher)
  • Last updated: May 20, 2022, 5:43 p.m.

AccountEdge Pro (macOS 10.15+): Visual Usage

AccountEdge Pro (macOS 10.15+): Visual Usage

Resizing Windows

Windows may be resized within the Virtual Desktop. This may be the main AccountEdge screen or the overall application.

1. If the application opens in full screen, the screen may be reduced by clicking the Restore Down icon in the upper right corner. This icon may also be used to toggle between reduced size and full screen size.

Image of AccountEdge with arrows pointing towards the windows icons for the software.

2. The window may be resized further, by clicking in any corner or any side and dragging the window to the size desired. Please note that the AccountEdge windows must remain within the overall AccountEdge application window.

3. The gray background and the AccountEdge Pro window may both be resized by dragging the corners or either one of the sides.

4. The background window may be moved on the desktop by clicking in the white area at the top of the gray screen to move the entire application.

5. The application window may be moved by click in the gray banner at the top of the window and repositioning within the background window as desired.

6. The Window link on the top toolbar may be used to tile, cascade, or close the application window within the background window.

Image of AccountEdge Windows drop-down menu, showing the tile, cascade, and close options