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  • Section: Accounting
  • Last updated: May 31, 2019, 4:42 p.m.

Accountant Reports

The following reports are often requested by accountants and used to properly manage the different filing periods for tax purposes.

Reports Monthly Quarterly Year-End
Balance Sheet ( Level 3 and 4 ) X X X
Profit & Loss ( Level 3 and 4 ) X X X
Trial Balance Summary X   X
Trial Balance Detail X X X
Receivable Reconciliation Summary X   X
Sales Tax Summary X X X
Sales Tax Detail X X X
Payables Reconciliation Summary X   X
Vendor Payments     X
Payroll Earnings X   X
Employee Register X X X
F940 (US)     X
F941 (US)   X X
Tax Detail Employee X   X
Tax Liabilities X X X
Quarterly Tax   X X
Inventory Value Reconciliation X   X

Tip: You can batch the desired reports to send to your accountant. To create a Report Batch:

  1. Go to the Reports Menu and select Report Batches
  2. Select the New button
  3. Name the Batch, for example, Accountant Quarterly Reports
  4. Select the desired reports by placing a check mark before each one
  5. The Report Batch named Accountant Quarterly Reports will now appear
  6. When you are ready to run the Report Batch for your Accountant, simply go to the Reports Menu and select Report Batches. Highlight the report batch and select the desired period, then print
The Report Batches feature offers the print option only. To delete a batch report item, highlight the item, and select Delete from the Edit menu at the top of the screen.