• Section: Bank Feeds
  • Last updated: Sept. 11, 2020, 10 a.m.

Bank Feed FAQs

Why do I have to restart AccountEdge after I subscribe?

In order for your subscription to start, we need to have AccountEdge check your serial number, and this is accomplished by restarting AccountEdge.

How do I know if AccountEdge Bank Feeds supports my bank?

We’ve partnered with Plaid, who supplies the feed from your bank to AccountEdge. While they support over 12,000, there are bound to be issue with some banks. If you find your bank in the list when you set up your connection, but run into a problem, please contact us. If you got an error message, it would be helpful to get a screen shot so we can work with Plaid directly to get to the bottom of the issue.

So it’s possible my bank is on the supported list, but it's not really supported?

Yes, that is possible because the feed may be down, an issue may have arisen since it was originally implemented, or some other issue sending or receiving your data.

Are there any banks that you are aware of that isn’t supported?

Yes, Bank of America is not supported by Plaid.

What if I change my log-in password for my bank or credit card account?

Open the Account Information>Profile window (same as drilling into the account from the Accounts List) select the Banking tab and in the Bank Feed Information section click Update. You can also select the feed from the Bank Feeds window and select Update.

How do I unlink from a bank or credit card?

From the Account Information window, select the Banking tab and click Unlink Bank Feed. Unlinking your feed will prohibit you from syncing your bank or credit card transactions.

Will I be able to sync Paypal transactions with AccountEdge Pro Canada?

Currently, Plaid doesn't support Paypal transactions in Canada. Paypal transaction syncing is available for US.

Am I able to automatically sync?

Not at this time. All syncing is done by selecting Sync from the General Ledger Account Information > Banking tab or the Bank Statement window.

Is there a grace period if a subscription expires?

There is a 7-day grace period after a subscription expires. Your Company File will not be able to sync, but your accounts will still be connected. If the subscription is not renewed within the grace period, you will need to sign up again and relink all bank and credit card accounts.

Can I access a US bank account through AccountEdge 2020 in Canada? Can I access a CA bank account through AccountEdge 2020 in the US?

Right now, no. This is something we can look at for a future enhancement.

Is there a limit on how far back I can sync?

Each institution decides how much info they want to send back. In most cases, you'll be able to sync about a year's worth of transactions.

Note: You cannot sync transactions from before your Fiscal Year start.