• Section: Bank Feeds
  • Last updated: Sept. 10, 2020, 2:12 p.m.

Linking to a Bank Account


In order to sync bank and credit card transaction into AccountEdge, you must select and link each general ledger account to the corresponding financial institution, sign-in and selecting the specific bank or credit card account. Once this link is established all you’ll need to do is periodically sync from within AccountEdge.

How to Link an Account

Connect your general ledger accounts to the corresponding bank or credit card account.

  1. Go to the Banking Command Center
  2. Click Bank Feeds
  3. Click Link
  4. Select the General Ledger account and Continue
  5. Search for your Insititution
  6. Enter your credentials
  7. Select your account at the institution you would to link with the AccountEdge General Ledger account

Note: A general ledger account can only be linked to one bank or credit card account.

  • Asset/banking accounts can only be linked to a savings or checking account at your bank.
  • Liability/credit card accounts can only be linked to credit cards accounts from the issuer.

The Plaid account the has to match the AccountEdge general ledger account type.

If you’ve already connected to a specific institution, you can select your other accounts in the Link Bank Feed window. Otherwise select Link New Institution and then Continue. Next select your institution by clicking on the icon or searching for it.