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  • Section: Banking
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 11:40 a.m.

Bank Register

The Bank Register window is divided into three sections. The top section displays the selectable bank or credit card account number and name, or just name, depending on your preference (Setup > Preferences > Windows > Select and Display Account Name, Not Account Number). The top section also includes the date range for displayed transactions in the second section, and in the upper, right-hand area, the account balance, which is the balance of the account with a range ending 12/31/9999.

The second section displays all receipts and disbursements for the date range selected in the first section of the Bank Register. If the date range is within or ahead of the current fiscal year, a running balance will be displayed. If the date range includes a prior fiscal period, you receive a notice regarding this as the register may not be able to display all transactions from a closed fiscal year.

Tip: If the last running balance amount does not match the account balance amount, indicated in the upper, right-hand area of the first section, it means there is a transaction (or there are transactions), dated beyond the 'to' date of the selected date range. To display such transactions, set a 'to' date of 12/31/9999 (December 31, 9999).

Enter Transactions

In the third section, at the bottom of the Bank Register, you can quickly enter banking transactions:

Spend Money / Enter Charge: Enters a disbursement in the account selected in the first section (Spend Money for a bank account, Enter Charge for a credit card account).

Receive Money / Enter Credit: Enters a receipt in the account selected in the first section (Receive Money for a bank account, Enter Credit for a credit card account).

Enter Sale: (Bank account only) Enters a Miscellaneous Sale for the selected customer, and applies the payment (receipt) to that sale.

Receive Payment: (Bank account only) Receives a payment (receipt) from the selected customer, and applies the payment to the oldest invoices first.

Enter Purchase: (AccountEdge Pro) Enters a Miscellaneous purchase for the selected vendor, and applies the payment (disbursement) to that bill.

Pay Bill / Pay Vendor: (AccountEdge Pro) (Pay Bill from a bank account, Pay Vendor from a credit card account) Enters a payment to the selected vendor, allocating the payment (disbursement) to the oldest purchase first.