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  • Section: Banking
  • Last updated: June 28, 2019, 4:07 p.m.

Void vs Delete vs Reverse Checks

NOTE: If you are using the U.S. version, the word check will be displayed. If you are using another countries version of the software, the word cheque will be displayed.

Voiding Checks

When you void a check that is changeable it will remove the dollar value of that check and will show up as VOID in the bank register.

When you void an unchangeable transaction it will create a reversal of the original transaction. Both transactions will show up as VOID when you drill into them.

To void a check open the check transaction and then go to your top menu bar and select Edit > Void Check.

Click here for more details on how to void a check transaction.

Erasing/Deleting Checks

When you delete a check it removes the cheque entirely from the system. You will no longer see that check transaction anywhere in the system.

To delete a check open the check transaction and then go to your top menu bar and select Edit > Delete Check Transaction.

Reversing Checks

In a situation where you are unable to delete a check the delete option will be replaced with an option to Reverse the transaction. Reversing a check will keep the original transaction in place and then record a reversing transaction with records the opposite of the original transaction. For example if you wrote a Spend Money check to spend money from your bank account, the reversing transaction will put the money back in your bank account.

To reverse a check open the check transaction and go to your top menu bar and select Edit > Reverse Check Transaction.

Note: If you only see the option to Delete and not Reverse but would prefer to Reverse the transaction go to your top menu bar and select Setup > Preferences > Security and check off Transactions Can't be Changed; They Must be Reversed.