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  • Section: Canadian Payroll
  • Last updated: May 24, 2019, 10:49 a.m.

Records of Employment (ROE)


The Canadian Record of Employment (ROE) contains details about employees' work history with a company, including insurable earnings and insurable hours. The ROE is used to determine whether or not an employee is entitled to Employment Insurance and for how long.

Generating an ROE in AccountEdge

To generate an ROE in AccountEdge:

  1. Select Command Centres > Payroll > Prepare Payroll Forms
  2. Select ROE (electronic) (in the upper, right-hand area of the window)
  3. Enter Employer ID or BN, language, contact first, last name, and telephone number, and click OK
  4. Indicate the date range of termination date
  5. Place a tick to the left of the employee's name (see note 1 if the employee's name does not appear in the list)
  6. Click Create File
  7. You will be prompted to Review the employee's ROE information

***NOTE: If an employee's name does not appear in the list, verify the termination date is set on the employee's card:

  1. Select Lists > Cards > Employees
  2. Click the Payroll Details tab
  3. Verify the Terminate Date has the correct date

Review Employee ROE Information:

  1. Click the Review button
  2. For each employee in the list, click the arrow to the left of the employee's name
  3. In the ROE Employee Information window, confirm the data are correct
  4. Click the Review button, which indicates you have reviewed the information

Generate the ROE File:

When the information has been reviewed

  1. Click the Create File button, which will generate the ROE Bulk Information (.BLK) file
  2. Additionally, your web browser will open to the Service Canada page to upload the file
  3. For electronic ROEs, Service Canada assigns serial numbers when it receives them. No action is required by employers. It may be helpful to keep track of the serial number in case you need to amend an ROE later. So, you may want to run through this process again, setting the serial number field, and saving the file. You can attach the file to the employee's card file entry (using the attach documents feature) in the event you need to recall the information

***NOTE: A log file named ROESubmissionLog.txt, containing status and error information, will be created in your Custom Forms/Support folder (AccountEdge Pro 2013 CA, which is usually located in your Documents folder).

Rehiring Previously Terminated Employees

If you rehiring an employee you need to make sure to clear the termination date from their employee card. You can do this by: 1. Go to Card File > Card Lists 2. Select the employee in question 3. Click the "Payroll Details" tab 4. Remove the date that is entered from the "Terminate Date" field


Companies must prepare an ROE for an employee with interrupted earnings, even if the employee does not intend to apply for Employment Insurance benefits, and must file with Service Canada, or give the ROE to employees within 5 days after the interruption of earnings. Interruption of earnings is defined by the seven-day rule or when an employee's earnings falls below 60% of regular weekly salary. Companies must also keep records for at least six years after the interruption of earnings. Details are available on the Service Canada web sites: