• Section: Current Bugs/Defects
  • Last updated: Dec. 8, 2022, 5:30 p.m.

Release Notes

Expected Release Date for Next Update/Patch


Release Notes for 2023 by Build

Build Number


Build 27.0.8



Combined US and CA Release Notes

  • Accounts Lists Balance was not updating.
  • The Initial Count of Inventory would adjust all items.
  • Updated Formsveiwer to address a macOS Ventura issue (US).
  • Removed message about US W-4 Deductions (CA).


Build 27.0.7


January 15, 2023 Payroll Update

        US Payroll Update Notes

Combined US and CA Release Notes

  • Fixed a delay issue when opening a Company File.
  • Printing reports with Invalid PDF Fonts could cause AccountEdge to terminate.
  • Added a Special Character Conversion fix for users coming from older legacy versions of AccountEdge.
  • Changes have been made to provide better logging of potential issues related to lock files.
  • When recording a Spend Money transaction, the Accounts List balance was not updated.
  • Improvements have been made to making a local copy of the data file and moving a data file back to the server. As well as starting a backup.
  • Print Dialog and Logging Enhancements.
  • Bank Register running balance column was not updating properly when changing the Sort Order.
  • When taking over a Custom Report from an older version, it could cause Termination Code 1307 when creating a new file.
  • Resolved an issue where a user was unable to run a Trial Balance for Current Fiscal Year.
  • Resolved an issue with Report Formats not being saved.


Build 27.0.5


January 1, 2023 Payroll Update

        US Payroll Update Notes

        Canada Payroll Update Notes

Combined US and CA Release Notes

  • When recording a Sale without a Tax Province the message uses the "Tax State".
  • The Cards Lists Detail report was displaying blank lines under Report Fields. The report was also not displaying Electronic Payment fields for Accounts 2 and 3.
  • If a Spend Money Void was canceled, it would not allow the user to record the check.
  • Activity Numbers and Names were not displaying in Select from List when entering an Item Sale.
  • Recorded Built Items Transactions were not displaying buttons.
  • When viewing a Credit Limit & Hold on a non-local currency Card File, it was displaying a local currency symbol.
  • Upgrading from v26 could cause an Employees Card File to set zero percent in the Electronic Banking Details.


- Running Balance in Bank Register is inaccurate when sorting by date - will be fixed in next build update

- Formsviewer crashes on Ventura 13.1 for mac products. Current workarounds include a full reinstall while a patch is developed.

Build 27.0.4 - Issue not yet confirmed: Money spent on the Accounts list does not immediately appear. Logging out and Logging back in causes the information to update.
Build 27.0.4

- Issue not yet confirmed: Network Edition becomes stuck on grey screen when attempting to log into the host machine

-Shopify syncing does not work correctly.

-For Network Edition, software crashes during printing of a reconciliation report, crashes during emails being sent, and report format will not stick.

Build 27.0.3

- File fails verification with link error when sales/purchase linked accounts changed in a file without Multiple-currencies turned on.

- Chart of Accounts refers to local currency on the Details tab when Multi-currency isn't turned on.

- Sales and Purchase History Not Displaying Transactions in Find Transaction window.

- Unable to see descriptions in invoices and purchases after recording

- Printing the wrong customized form, ignoring the default form, and being unable to customize the form consistently.

- Verification error for currency file when multiple currencies not turned on (fails test 34)

- Error syncing with AE Connect

Build 27.0.3A

- Termination when editing card field

- Tabbing on the last line of a transaction should advance to a new line and not leave the scroll area

Build 27.0.2D

- Unable to verify file using live file option

- TC 1303 Recurring Transactions Report With Amount Field

Build 27.0.2C

- Variations windows page up and page down off

- Unable to verify file using live file option

- Scrolling In Reports List Leaves Boxes around Report Names

- Analysis Windows Overlapping

- White Box After Scrolling in Customize Reports

Build 27.0.2B

- Unable to Start a New Fiscal Year

- Buttons repositioned when the window is inactive

- Termination Code 1207 Error -11 in DMSetFldChanged (0:0:0)

- Scrolling In Report Overlaps Text

- Connection lost to host when using batch processing and only one record in the batch

- Unable to import transactions using "Co ./Last Name"

Build 27.0.2A

- Reconciling a currency exchange account causes the program to crash

- Calculator and Calendar do not respond to keyboard input when preference Tab Moves Keyboard Focus is selected

- Issue with arrow keys on Item Variations and Card Email Address Select From Lists

- Build 27.0.1 - Clicking UPS logo on sales invoice causes AEX/NEX/AE Windows to crash

- Build 27.0.1B - Find Job Transactions not working

- When doing a manual upgrade, copy the pre-upgraded file to the Pre-Upgrade Backups folder

- Trackpad and Scroll Wheel Improvements

- Scroll Bar Scrolling

- New Not Working On Item Info Window

- clicking "new" from an Item Information window does not work.