During this time of COVID 19, when many companies are forced to telework, AccountEdge Hosted may be a good option. And it’s important to note that it doesn’t have to be a permanent solution. You can host your company file only as long as needed, then return to whatever environment makes sense for your business. If you’d like to discuss that or any other teleworking solution with a product specialist, please call 800.322.6962. Be safe.

  • Section: General
  • Last updated: July 30, 2019, 3:24 p.m.

AccountEdge Pro vs Basic Feature Comparison

Feature AccountEdge Basic AccountEdge Pro
Card File (Contacts, Customers, Vendors, Personal)
Bank Register
  Pay Bills
  Receive Payments
  Check Printing
  Import Bank Statements
Expense Tracking
Income Tracking
International Transactions (Multi-currency)  
  Pay Bills  
  Receive Payments  
  Process Credit Cards
  Progress Billing  
  Time Billing  
  Retainer Management  
  Purchase Orders  
  Direcit Vendor Deposits  
Job Cost Tracking Basic Advanced
  Expense Tracking
  Income Tracking
  Reporting (Activity, Transactions, P&L)
  Reporting (Budgets, Reimbursibles)  
  Track Reimbursables  
  Header/Detail Jobs  
  Start/Stop Dates  
Sales Tax Tracking
Sales Items List (Services, Products)
Inventory Management  
Easy Setup
Help System
Customize Invoices and Statements
Integrated Payroll  
Payroll Direct Deposit  
Network Ready  
Checkout Integration-ready
Microsoft Office Integration
To-do List
Management and Accounting Reports 80+ 200+
Mileage Log
  Password Protected Company FIle
  Multiple Password Protected User IDs  
AccountEdge Mobile
  Activity Slips  
Shopify (Webstore) Integration
Dropbox Integration    
  Backup & Restore Company File
  AccountEdge Mobile Integration