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  • Last updated: June 7, 2019, 11:01 a.m.

Barcode Scanners


Using inventory in AccountEdge can be a bit tedious at times with all the key entry you might be doing. For instance, when you open an invoice and start typing all the information necessary into completing an item sale. The good news is that it is possible to use Barcode Scanners to help you accelerate your work flow and eliminate some key strokes when typing up Item Numbers in an invoice.

When you open an invoice you first type the customer name and then the date. Then you have to click to the Ship field and enter the amount of items you are selling. After this you click over to the Item Number field and start typing the Number of the desired item to sell. With a Barcode Scanner, once you click over to the Item Number field, instead of typing the Item Number, you can just scan the barcode and it will auto populate into that field. You will still need to use your mouse or keyboard to navigate to the different fields.

Setting Up Your AccountEdge File to Use a Barcode Scanner

In order for the above scenario to be successful you need to enter these barcode numbers as Item Numbers for all of your inventoried AccountEdge items. Once you have all the Item Numbers in AccountEdge set to correspond with all the barcodes you have you should be set.

Type of Barcode Scanner

AccountEdge, like most programs, is able to work with a simple USB Key-Input Barcode scanners. What that means is its able to connect via USB cord (super easy) and Key-Input (also known as keyboard emulating) means it scans the barcode data and simply transmits the ‘Data’ to your ‘Item Number’ field in AccountEdge. Any USB Barcode Scanner should work.

Lists and Transaction Types

The transactions include:

  • Adjust Inventory
  • Build Items
  • Purchases
  • Sales

Lists include:

  • Items List (search field)
  • Move Items (search field)
  • Serial Numbers (Beginning in 2015)

Process of Using a Barcode Scanner on an Invoice

Below I will break down the Step-by-Step Process of using a Barcode Scanner while working on an invoice.

  1. Click on Enter Sales in the Sales Module of AccountEdge
  2. Enter the desired customer in the Customer field
  3. Enter Date
  4. Click on the ‘Ship’ field and enter the desired quantity of the item you are selling.
  5. Hit Tab on your keyboard and you will be brought over to the ‘Item Number’ field. With your physical barcode ready to be scanned, go ahead and scan it while ‘Item Number’ is highlighted in blue and blinking. Once you scan it, you will see an Item Number populate into that field.

Thats it! You will still need to fill out the rest of the information as usual.