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  • Section: General
  • Last updated: May 21, 2019, 11:43 a.m.

Company Data Auditor

The Company Data Auditor (Command Centers > Accounts > Company Data Auditor) provides essential information about your company data file. In the Company File Overview section (selected from the left-hand menu), the name, location and size of your company data file are shown. The AccountEdge version and its location are displayed too. The current Fiscal Year is shown, as are the last backup, last verified, and Payroll Tax Table revision dates. If you use the Lock Period feature, its date would be displayed as well.

The Account Reconciliation section will display all Asset, type Bank, and Liability, type Credit Card accounts, and their last reconciliation dates. At the end of a period, you may want to reconcile each account to verify there are no differences between AccountEdge's and the bank's records. Simply highlight an account, and click the Reconcile Accounts button. Check the Bank Reconciliation Out of Balance FAQ if an out of balance situation exists.

The Transaction Review checks all your transactions, based on a variety of criteria, for the selected date range. And the Tax Exception Review checks all your transactions, based on a variety of tax-related criteria, for the selected date range.