Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for useful payroll and reference information. During this time, when many companies are forced to telework, AccountEdge Hosted may be a good option. Host your company file to be accessed remotely from any device, for as long as you need. You can go back to your regular setup when you no longer need remote accessibility. If you’d like to discuss that or any other teleworking solution with a product specialist, please call 800.322.6962. Be safe.

  • Section: General
  • Last updated: June 7, 2019, 10:43 a.m.

Company File Considerations/Limits

There are only a couple hard limits in terms of an AccountEdge Company File.

The size of the data file cannot be more then 2 Gigabytes.

For each type of Account (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost of Sales, Expenses, Other Income and Other Expenses) there can be 9,999 accounts.

Example: You can have asset accounts ranging from 1-0001 through 1-9999 and can also have liabilities ranging from 2-0001 through 2-9999.

Beyond this there are no hard limits; however, there are a couple of points to consider. When lists (customers, items, etc.) in files get very large, the system will slow when accessing the lists.

Performance also depends on the hardware, and whether the file is being accessed in singe- or multi-user mode. Generally, as company files get very large, performance may deteriorate.

The same goes for transactions - there is no limit to the number of invoices and bills you can create but if you are making hundreds of entries a day performance will most likely deteriorate.