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  • Last updated: June 6, 2019, 5:12 p.m.


What is iCloud?

Apple's iCloud is more than additional disk storage in the cloud. Apple positions iCloud as a "quick and effortless" way to access just about everything on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices you use every day. iCloud "gives you access to your music, apps, latest photos, and more from whichever device you happen to be using. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices.

Should I use iCloud with AccountEdge?

As a result of the iCloud being used for Apple app data (your purchased music, apps, books, email, contacts, calendars and TV shows, as well as your Photo Stream), it is not suitable for use as a remote storage device for AccountEdge files. There is no integration available with iCloud directly through AccountEdge as Apple restricts the use of what can integrate directly with iCloud.

Other Resources

Other esources exist in the cloud, however. One such solution is Dropbox. AccountEdge already uses Dropbox technology to extend AccountEdge capabilities. And, Dropbox is an excellent repository for storing company file backups. We encourage you to explore this and other backup file storage options as well. Realizing the critical nature of company file backup storage, we will keep you apprised of technology changes regarding this capability.

More information about iCloud is available on Apple's iCloud web site.

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