• Section: General
  • Last updated: May 30, 2019, 7:10 p.m.

Optimization Assistant


The AccountEdge Optimizer performs several functions. First, it will reindex the company file. This means all record pointers will be re-created. Additionally, the space for any disused records will be purged. This may make the file a bit smaller. Although the Optimization Assistant is designed to make your company file more efficient, it is also capable of fixing certain types of company file corruption. We recommend that you use the Optimization Assistant on a regular basis to keep your company file operating at its peak.

You can use the Optimization Assistant as frequently as required. For example, you can use it after you have completed end-of-month reports or at the end of each working day. We recommend optimizing no less than once per month, but more frequently—towards once per week—is healthy for your file.

How to Optimize Your AccountEdge Company File

Before optimizing your company file it is suggested that you make a backup or copy of your file.

You start the Optimization Assistant in one of two ways:

  • While in AccountEdge, go to the File menu and select Optimize Company File.
  • From the "Welcome to AccountEdge" window click "Company File Maintenance" in the bottom right corner and select "Optimize Company File"

Once in the Optimization Assistant, click Next to get started. Then click 'Find File'. In the dialog box that follows, choose the file that you want to optimize.

The default location for your file is:

  • AccountEdge Pro for Mac: Documents/AccountEdge Pro [Year] US or CA
  • AccountEdge Pro for Windows: Documents/AccountEdge Pro [Year] US or CA
  • AccountEdge Network Edition for Mac: /HD/Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE/Databases

After choosing the file and clicking Open, you will return to the Optimization Assistant. Click 'Next', read the instructions, and start the optimization. If the file optimizes successfully, you will have an additional file in your Databases folder. It will have the same name as the original file, but with a *.bak* extension. This file is the original un-optimized file which is only to be used if optimization does not complete successfully. Do not open the *.bak* file under normal circumstances.

*Helpful Hint: Make sure your filenames are less than 32 characters long before optimizing. The Optimization Assistant sometimes has trouble with longer filenames.*

Optimizing with AccountEdge Network Edition

You should always optimize Company Files on the host computer. It is possible to do it from a workstation, but you must have access to the whole hard drive of the host machine. Additionally, if you are optimizing your file because the file is being damaged, any network problems that caused the problem with the file may cause problems with the optimization. Optimizing on the host machine is faster and more reliable.