• Section: General
  • Last updated: March 16, 2020, 12:18 p.m.

Working Remotely with AccountEdge

This article will discuss your options to support a work-from-home/remote workforce and still continue to record your accounting transactions.

Transferring your AccountEdge License

If you need to install AccountEdge on your home computer or laptop, you can de-register your AccountEdge license to then be used on a new machine. Here are the instructions to move AccountEdge to a new machine.

Using Dropbox

Your AccountEdge company file can easily be stored on Dropbox, allowing your remote employees to download it to their computers and use it locally Then, when they are finished they can copy the file back up to Dropbox. For more details, read this knowledge base article.

Important Notice: We do not recommend, nor do we support, accessing your data while the file is stored on Dropbox. Why? If two users attempt to access the file simultaneously, Dropbox will create a ‘Conflicted Copy’ of the file. Some users report that in a single user environment they have been able to store and access their file from Dropbox with no issues. However, we have not tested, nor do we support using Dropbox as a file server in any case.

Remote Access

There are various options to store your AccountEdge company. For more details, read this knowledge base article.

--Virtual Private Network
You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN extends your office network across the internet to your remote computer. Choosing and setting up a VPN may require an IT professional and can be more costly depending on what network hardware you have in your office. We find that the performance using a VPN connection can be quite slow depending on your internet connection.

--Remote Desktop Applications
With this option, you would use your computer at home to access a computer running at the office that has AccountEdge installed. You will see your office computer’s desktop and be able to use it remotely from home. This requires the computer to be running at the office and have the remote access software installed on this computer and the client version of the remote software on your computer at home.

--Terminal Services
A Terminal Server solution is similar to Remote Desktop Applications mentioned above, however, you would be connecting to a server that could provide multiple users with their own desktop and applications.

AccountEdge Connect

AccountEdge Connect is a cloud-collaboration tool that integrates with AccountEdge on your desktop allowing employees, bookkeepers and vendors/subcontractors to enter transactions using any web-enabled device. Record sales, purchases, time, banking and other transactions using list information from AccountEdge on your desktop and sync data between the cloud and the desktop. Also, add and edit contacts and jobs. The service starts at $10/per user per month and works with our Mac or Windows software. Here is an overview of AccountEdge Connect.

AccountEdge Hosted

An AccountEdge Hosted cloud desktop works just like a physical desktop but is hosted in the cloud. Your company file is stored on a secure cloud desktop server so that users from any location can access your AccountEdge company file and collaborate in the accounting process. Visit our site for more details and to watch a webinar where we will demo it from a Mac and a PC. Plans start at $40 per user per month. Here is an overview of AccountEdge Hosted.