• Section: General
  • Last updated: June 6, 2019, 3:22 p.m.

Wrong or Old Data on OfficeLink Templates

If your OfficeLink reports contain data from a previous time you used OfficeLink for this report, it is because the report template was saved the last time you viewed it in Excel. To correct this, you must replace the spreadsheet folder, which contains the corrupted report template.

AccountEdge 2012 and Later

To replace the spreadsheets folder in AccountEdge Pro and Network Edition 2012 or Later and AccountEdge Basic v2 or Later, determine the location of the Custom Forms (Support) folder and rename the Spreadsheets folder. In AccountEdge:

  1. Open your company file
  2. Click on the Accounts tab
  3. Click the Company Data Auditor button
  4. Click the link (magnifying glass on Mac) for Custom Forms, etc
  5. The Custom Forms (Support) folder will open in a new window; rename the Spreadsheets folder (to something such as oldSpreadsheets)
  6. Quit AccountEdge
  7. Relaunch AccountEdge
When you attempt to access the templates, AccountEdge will create a new Spreadsheets folder, which will contain fresh templates. If you had customized some templates, you will need to copy them from your old Spreadsheets folder to your newly-created folder.

AccountEdge prior to 2012

To replace the spreadsheets folder in AccountEdge and AccountEdge Network Edition prior to the 2012 versions, and AccountEdge Basic v1:

The spreadsheet folder on Windows is located in the AccountEdge (formerly Premier Accounting) folder on your hard drive (C:\AccountEdge\), and is names Spreadshts. On the Mac, it's in the AccountEdge or AccountEdge NE program folder in /Applications. Rename the folder (to something such as oldSpreadsheets). Now you can re-install the OfficeLink components of AccountEdge, using your original install CD or downloaded install file.

This will be a two-step process. First you will need to remove the OfficeLink feature, then (re)install it:

  • Mac select Custom Install and uncheck the OfficeLink feature to remove it. Complete the installation process. Then restart the process to (re)install the OfficeLink feature
  • Windows select Modify, and uncheck the OfficeLink templates to remove the feature. Complete the process. Then restart the process, check marking the OfficeLink templates to reinstall them.