• Section: Getting Started
  • Last updated: Aug. 5, 2019, 5:12 p.m.

Daily AccountEdge Use

After you've gotten set up with AccountEdge you can use it for tracking many different functions of your business including recording income, tracking inventory, paying your employees, recording expenses, and much more. This support article will point you to many of the common functions that businesses can use AccountEdge to accomplish.

Recording Income and Expenses

There are different ways to record income and expenses in AccountEdge:
Record Basic Income and Expenses: How to record income and expenses that don't require any invoicing

Printing Checks

There are different types of reports and forms that can be printed directly from AccountEdge - checks being one of the most common.
How to Print Checks: How to print different types of checks after they've been recorded

Reconciling Your Bank Account

You can use AccountEdge to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts. Initial Bank Reconciliation shows you how to handle your first reconciliation.