• Section: Getting Started
  • Last updated: May 20, 2019, 3:21 p.m.

Getting Started with AccountEdge

Step One: Installation

This support article explains how to install the different versions of AccountEdge.

Step Two: Create or Upgrade Company File

After installing the software the next step for new users is to Create a Company File. Users who have files from previous versions of the software can instead look at Upgrading a Company File.

Step Three: Create or Import Chart of Accounts

After creating your company file the next step is Creating or Importing your Chart of Accounts.

Step Four: Create Sales Tax Codes

After setting up your chart of accounts you want to Set Up Tax Codes before moving on to creating or importing cards.

Step Five: Create or Import Cards

After your Chart of Accounts is set up you can move on to Creating Cards.

[Optional] Step Six: Create or Import Items

With your Chart of Accounts and Cards setup you can move on to Create Items.

[Optional] Step Seven: Entering Your Inventory Opening Balance

If you track inventory and already have inventory you can Enter Your Inventory Opening Balances.

Setup Complete

You've finished the basic setup necessary for using AccountEdge. You can continue on to Entering Transactions.