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  • Last updated: May 20, 2019, 5:08 p.m.

Previously Recorded AccountEdge Webinars


We run Webinars on a semi-regular basis that cover the different features of AccountEdge and can help in understanding what the software can do for your business. This page contains the webinars we have previously recorded. You can sign up for new webinars here.

Available Webinars:

  • AccountEdge 2018
  • AccountEdge Overview
  • UPS® Integration Webinar
  • AccountEdge Connect Webinar
  • Email Enhancements
  • Selling Services and Time Billing
  • Inventory Management Webinar
  • AccountEdge Shopify Webinar
  • Payroll Webinar
  • AccountEdge Web Pay Webinar
  • AccountEdge 2016 Canadian Launch Webinar
  • AccountEdge On the Go
  • AccountEdge Lead Tracking Webinar
  • AccountEdge 2018 (Recorded December 6, 2017)

    Run Time: 45 minutes

    Description: A recorded webinar featuring an Overview of AccountEdge Pro 2018. See the latest features and enhancements in a live setting.

    Learn the new features added to AccountEdge 2018 including kit items, updated scalable and sortable windows, new search capabilities, attachments to bank deposits, paid stamps for invoices, webpay without needing to create an account, enhanced job features, and more.

    AccountEdge Overview (Recorded January 11, 2017)

    Run Time: 50 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business owner, bookkeeper, or accountant looking for an overview of AccountEdge.

    Learn the basics of AccountEdge, from creating your company file to entering transactions. We’ll review navigating command centers, using the sidebar, dropdown menus, lists and help. Get an overview of AccountEdge’s banking capability and payroll options. Learn to manage and sell inventory items, services and activities for time billing. Run reports, do on screen analysis, use the To Do list, and learn how to find anything in AccountEdge. We’ll also review syncing AccountEdge desktop with AccountEdge Connect, AccountEdge Mobile, Rerun, and Shopify.

    UPS® Integration Webinar (Recorded November 29, 2016)

    Run Time: 31 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business looking to automate their shipping process with UPS®.

    Learn how to integrate your UPS® account with AccountEdge and create shipments. Add Profiles, default printers, markups, and email notifications. Create shipments from a Card in AccountEdge or from a Sales transaction. Learn how to customize your invoices and emails to include shipping service and tracking numbers. Get shipping estimates, print shipping labels, track packages, void shipments, use negotiated rates, and update your sales invoices.

    AccountEdge Connect Webinar - (Recorded January 18, 2017)

    Run Time: 36 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any AccountEdge user who wants to extend their desktop functionality to the web, allowing remote employees and subcontractors to enter transactions.

    Learn how to setup and use AccountEdge Connect to enter transactions and manage cards and jobs. Learn how to enter sales, purchases, expenses, activity slips, and time sheets. Learn how to sync everything into AccountEdge on your desktop. Grant user access and define settings. Setup Web Pay to allow customers to pay their open invoices using any web browser (AccountEdge Merchant Account required).

    Email Enhancements - (Recorded January 3, 2017)

    Run Time: 24 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to leverage the contact and transaction data in AccountEdge to create email templates and send custom merged emails.

    Learn how bulk email your contacts and use filters based on Card type selected. Setup email templates that can use used to email invoices, statements, sales, payments receipts, pay stubs, and shipping notifications. Send attachments and view your email before you send it.

    Selling Services and Time Billing - (Recorded January 4, 2017)

    Run Time: 27 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to sell services, manage service items, and track time billing activities and bill for work in progress.

    Learn how to create a service invoices, and setup and sell service items for enhanced tracking and reporting. Setup activities to be used for creating acclivity slips and timesheets to record time spent on projects or jobs. Bill for work in progress with markups, markdowns, and expense reimbursements. See how retainers, escrow, and trust accounts can help you manage client funds.

    Inventory Management Webinar - (Recorded December 21, 2016)

    Run Time: 39 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to sell service and physical items with complete inventory and location control.

    Learn how to configure items that you buy, sell, and inventory, and the benefits to each option. Configure custom lists for items and define item information including images, descriptions, units of measure, auto build, locations, variations, serial numbers, and warranty tracking. Follow the workflow to purchase items from quotes to orders, to receiving items, and recording the final bill. Learn how to setup and pay salesperson commissions on items sold.

    AccountEdge Shopify Webinar - (Recorded January 10, 2017)

    Run Time: 32 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to use Shopify to sell online and manage everything in AccountEdge.

    Learn how to connect your Shopify store to AccountEdge. Manage item details from AccountEdge and setup locations to track quantities available for sale in your online store. Create web store descriptions and add pictures and variations right from your item information window. Sync Shopify orders into AccountEdge as invoices and handle credit memos with ease.

    Payroll Webinar - (Recorded December 7, 2016)

    Run Time: 33 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to run payroll from their desktop.

    See how payroll is processed including wages from commissions and time sheets. Define payroll categories for wages, accruals, deductions, expenses, and taxes. Learn how to define linked payroll accounts, load tax tables, and check your payroll setup. Manage vacation and sick leave accruals. See how the payroll is processed including wages from commissions and time sheets. Preview pay runs and print/email paychecks. We’ll show you how to prepare US tax forms and review our payroll forms service. See how quickly AccountEdge runs W2s and W3s, along with bonus pay.

    AccountEdge Web Pay Webinar - (Recorded January 6, 2016)

    Run Time: 26 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to accept customer payments online.

    Learn how to setup Web Pay, customize your invoices so customers can click the Pay Now link to submit payments. Learn how to use AccountEdge Connect to configure your Web Pay portal.

    AccountEdge 2016 Canadian Launch Webinar - (Recorded June 24, 2016)

    Run Time: 55 minutes

    Description: This is an overview of AccountEdge 2016 exclusively for our Canadian customers.

    AccountEdge On the Go - (Recorded December 22, 2015)

    Run Time: 25 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to process accounting transactions from any iPhone /iPad or web enabled device.

    A demonstration of AccountEdge’s collaboration tools; AccountEdge Mobile for iOS devides and AccountEdge Connect for any web-enabled device. Learn how each records transactions and syncs data with AccountEdge desktop.

    Lead Tracking Webinar - (Recorded January 12, 2016)

    Run Time: 22 minutes

    Description: This webinar is for any small business who wants to track leads, lead sources, and conversions to customers.

    Learn how to create lead cards, track their lead since date, and their lead source and status. Convert leads to customers and track your conversion rate.