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  • Section: How To
  • Last updated: May 30, 2019, 11:08 a.m.

Create Vendor PO from Sales Order

In AccountEdge, you can easily generate a vendor PO based on a Sales Order or Quote with one click of your mouse. To do so:

  • Start the process by creating a Sales Order or Quote in the Sales Command Center: Go to Sales > Enter Sales.
  • At the top left hand corner, change the sales status to Order or Quote.
  • Proceed with filling out the sales information as you usually do. You must enter a price in order for the Create PO button to activate.
  • Click on the "Actions" button on the lower left portion of your Order or Quote (On Mac the Actions button looks like a cog wheel).
  • Click "Create Purchase Order." A message will be displayed indicating your order or quote will be recorded before proceeding to the purchase window. Click Okay.
  • The Purchase Order window will display.
  • You can change the PO to a bill at this time (if desired), or you can leave it in 'order' status.
  • Click Record.

You can open the Purchases Register to review your recorded PO.

  • The vendor information will automatically be placed in the PO only if there is a default vendor for all of the items on an Item Sales Order or Quote.
  • If an item is not marked 'I buy', it will not carry over to the PO.
  • Once you click Record on the PO, AccountEdge will return back to the Sales Order or Sales Register window, (from wherever you started).
  • The 'Create PO' button is not found on the Time Billing sales layout.
  • You can create a PO for a Sales Order or Quote that has already been paid.