• Section: How To
  • Last updated: May 30, 2019, 10:45 a.m.

Delete Reminder Logs

Reminder Logs (aka Contact Logs) are the records of meetings and transactions you've had with customers, vendors, employees and personal contacts. If you make contact with many people, deleting (also known as purging) reminder logs may significantly reduce the size of your data file.

Recording Reminder Logs for transactions is a preference. To check your preferences, go to Setup > Preferences > Banking, Sales and Purchases to review your selections. Reminder Logs don't affect other accounting records, so you can purge as many reminder records as you want without worrying about your accounting information.

  1. Print all the reports that show the reminder logs you'll be purging. You might want to consider printing a copy of the Reminder Log Report, which contains detailed information about all contacts
  2. Make a backup of your data file
  3. Open the Card File Module
  4. From the File menu, choose 'Purge Reminder Logs' to open the first Purge Reminder Logs window
  5. In the 'Purge Reminder Logs Before' field, choose the first month from which you do NOT want to remove reminder logs. All reminder logs dated prior to the month you select will be marked for purging
  6. In the Card Type field, choose to purge reminder logs for customers, vendors, employees or personal contacts only, or to purge reminder logs for all people and companies in the Card File
  7. If you've assigned identifiers to people and companies in the Card File and wish to purge reminder logs for cards with the same identifier(s), enter the identifier(s) in the Identifiers field. We suggest you assign a common identifier (P for "purge" may be fitting) to each person or company whose reminder log you routinely purge, so you can enter that identifier in this window
  8. If you don't want to remove reminder logs that have reminder dates assigned to them, mark the 'Do Not Purge If Log Entry Has A Reminder Date' selection
  9. Click the Continue button. Another Purge Reminder Logs window will appear, listing all the people and companies in the Card File that match the criteria you entered in the first Purge Reminder Logs window. A mark appears in the selection column at the left of every card whose reminder log entries are marked to be purged
  10. Click the field in the selection column to remove the mark for the cards whose reminder logs you don't want to purge
  11. Click the Purge Reminder Logs button. The reminder logs for the time frame you specified and for the people and companies you selected in this window are purged.