• Section: How To
  • Last updated: May 22, 2019, 12:47 p.m.

Handle Returned Items

When a customer returns items previously purchased, you can return the items to inventory and create a customer credit in a few easy steps:

  • From the Sales Command Center, select Enter Sales
  • Enter the customer's name
  • Click the Layout button and select Item
  • Enter the number of items being returned, using a negative number in the 'Ship' column. When you enter the item number, the 'Total' column will show a negative amount. This represents the amount of credit you will be giving the customer
  • When you record this negative sale (or Credit Memo), the item(s) will be returned to inventory, and your customer has a credit recorded on their account.

If you wish to issue a refund to the customer, select the Returns and Credits tab in the Sales Register. Highlight the credit and click the Pay Refund button. Alternatively, you can apply this credit to another sale for the same customer. If you are using the Category feature, this credit memo must have the same Category as the sale invoices you are applying it to.

If you are using 2014 AccountEdge Pro for Canada, or 2014 US AccountEdge Pro, update 18.0.6 or later, you can create a Credit Memo transaction by clicking the Enter Sales button and selecting Credit Memo in the upper left-hand corner of the sale, or by clicking the New Credit Memo button in the Returns and Credits area of the Sales Register.