• Section: How To
  • Last updated: July 17, 2019, 12:29 p.m.

Mileage Tracking

The Mileage Tracking feature gives you the ability to track mileage for vehicles and employees. The rates applied to mileage are maintained in a separate list, therefore different rates can be applied to mileage slips regardless of vehicle or employee. Job IDs can be applied to mileage slips, which allow you to track mileage slips by Job.

The mileage expense indicated on a mileage slip is an amount that can be used to reimburse an employee (NOTE: Not through payroll), bill a customer, track asset expenses, etc. You determine how to use the mileage slip expense by creating the appropriate transaction such as reimbursing an employee or invoicing a customer for expenses.

To create mileage slips:

  1. Select Command Centers > Accounts > Mileage Log
  2. Click New, select the mileage slip type, the employee or vehicle, and enter the appropriate information
  3. Click Record

You can create an employee mileage slip by selecting an employee from the employee card file. Alternatively, you can create a vehicle mileage slip by selecting a vehicle from a list of vehicles you create. To create a list of vehicles, giving detailed descriptions and adding vehicle pictures.

  1. Select Lists > Mileage > Vehicles
  2. Click New and enter information about a vehicle
  3. Click OK

To create a Mileage Rates list:

  1. Select Lists > Mileage > Mileage Rates
  2. Click New and enter the rate name, effective date and rate
  3. Click OK

Mileage Log slips are reported in the Mileage reports, which are located under the Accounts tab of the List of Reports.