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  • Section: How To
  • Last updated: May 22, 2019, 10:24 a.m.

Reminder Logs

Reminder Logs (aka Contact Logs) are the records of meetings and transactions you’ve had with customers, vendors, employees, and personal contacts. There is a Reminders tab at the top of every card file's Card Information window.

Create Reminder Logs Automatically from Transactions

Recording Reminder Logs for transactions is a preference. To get to your preferences window go to your top menu bar and select Setup > Preferences. See below for information on how to turn on Reminder Logs for different kinds of transactions:

  • Make a Reminder Log for Every Check [System Wide]: Preferences > Banking
  • Make a Reminder Log for Every Deposit [System Wide]: Preferences > Banking
  • Make a Reminder for Every Sale [System Wide]: Preferences > Sales
  • Make a Reminder for Every Purchase [System Wide]: Preferences > Purchases

Create a Reminder

Go into Card File > Card List. Double click on a card you wish to create a reminder for to open the Card Information window. Click the action button in the lower left area, and choose Create Reminder.

Set a Reminder Date if you want the reminder to show in your To Do List.

Create Reminder Check Box (Mac Only):

Check this off if you want to publish a reminder to Apple’s Calendar. When you publish a reminder a new task is added to the Calendar To Do panel, detailing the reminder's date and notes.

View Reminders

To view reminders go into Card File > Card List and double click on the card you want to view. At the top choose the Reminders tab to view a list of all reminders related to that card file.

Reminders in the To Do List

The To Do list will show a list of overdue reminders that were manually created with a reminder date. To view reminders in your To Do List, click To Do List in the bottom left corner of the main AccountEdge window and then select the Reminders tab at the top of the To Do List window.

If you make contact with many people, deleting (also known as purging) reminder logs may significantly reduce the size of your data file.

Delete/Purge Reminder Logs

Purging reminder logs may significantly reduce the size of your data file. Reminder Logs don't affect other accounting records, so you can purge as many reminder records as you want without worrying about your accounting information.

To purge reminder logs go to your top menu bar and select File > Purge > Reminders.

Click here for more details on Deleting Reminder Logs

An Overview of the Reminder Log